How to Do a Halloween Treasure Hunt With Clues

How to Do a Halloween Treasure Hunt

Today we’ve got a spooktacular Halloween activity for kids – a Halloween treasure hunt!

Perfect for a kids’ Halloween party, a scavenger hunt would also be a fun way to keep your children entertained in the days leading up to Halloween. Read on to find out how to plan a spooktacular scavenger hunt and to download our free printable clues.

How to do a Halloween treasure hunt

A Halloween scavenger hunt needs a little bit of forward planning but it’s not too much hard work. The most important thing is to get everything you need in advance so there’s no scrambling for things to hide on the day of the hunt. Think clues, prizes and some decent hiding places – here are our top tips for planning your Halloween treasure hunt.

What you need

Treasure hunt clues

First things first, make sure you’ve got some treasure hunt clues! It can be fun coming up with your own but since this is quite time-consuming, we’ve made some free Halloween treasure hunt clues for you to download and print at home. Hide each one around the house (in the corresponding hiding place) along with the next clue.

Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues

Good hiding places

We’ve kept our Halloween scavenger hunt clues fairly vague so that you can vary the level of difficulty of your treasure hunt for older and younger children. For example, for the clue that leads to the kitchen, you could hide the next clue somewhere low-down and within reach for younger children (maybe on a kitchen chair?) And for older children, you could hide it deep inside the bread bin or at the back of a cupboard!


What would a treasure hunt be without any treasure? Stock up on plenty of Halloween-themed prizes to hide with each clue. Halloween sweets like these would go down a treat but if you’re keen to avoid giving your kids even more sugar on Halloween, pick up a selection of small Halloween toys instead.

How to make your treasure hunt harder

Want to make your scavenger hunt more difficult for older children? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Choose harder hiding places
  • Set a time limit (the shorter the time limit, the more exciting the treasure hunt will be!)
  • Hide fewer prizes to make them even more sought-after
  • Turn down the lights to make your treasure hunt even more spooky and the clues harder to spot!

Let us know if you plan your own Halloween treasure hunt! Visit Party Delights for our full range of Halloween party supplies or stay on our blog for even more Halloween party ideas: