How to Do a Candy Cane Hunt

How to Do a Candy Cane Hunt

Today we’re doing a Christmas candy cane hunt!

A fun Advent activity for children of any age, read on to find out how to organise a candy cane hunt and get our tips for good hiding places!

Planning a candy cane hunt

Gather everything you need

All you need is lots and lots of candy canes!

But really it depends how many children are taking part, and how long you want the candy cane hunt to last.

We’d suggest around 7-8 candy canes per child so that everyone gets a good haul. But if you want to make the hunt harder, hide fewer candy canes to make them more sought-after!

Choose different sized candy canes

Candy canes come in all different sizes – there’s the normal size, plus mini candy canes and larger ones to give as gifts. Why not hide a few different sizes? The mini ones will be harder to find and a large one could be the grand prize (make sure you put this one in a difficult hiding place).

Candy Cane Hunt Ideas

Pick some good hiding places

First, decide whether you’re going to hold your candy cane hunt inside or outside. An outdoor candy cane hunt can fun, but a little chilly in December, so we’ve included some indoor hiding places too.

Indoor hiding places
  • On door handles
  • On the Christmas tree
  • Hanging off the mantelpiece
  • Behind a cushion
  • In a cupboard
  • Hanging off the banister
  • On a window sill
Outdoor hiding places
  • On trees
  • Hanging off plant pots
  • Hanging off a gate/the fence
  • On the grass
  • In the shed

Start the candy cane hunt!

Once all your candy cane hunts have been hidden, it’s time to start the hunt! Give little children as much time as they need to find all the candy canes. But for older children, you could set a time limit. How about 5 minutes to find as many candy canes as you can?

You could have a grand prize for whoever finds the most or just let the participants keep what they find.

Above all, have fun and get festive!!!

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