The Horror Movie Fancy Dress Lookbook

A man wearing a Jason Voorhees costume stands threatening next to a woman in a Freddy Krueger outfit

This Halloween we’re taking inspiration from some of the most iconic horror film villains of all time, and replicating their looks for some utterly terrifying horror movie fancy dress! From retro frights to modern delights, we’ve got you covered if you want to unleash your inner monster this Halloween – and win the Halloween costume competition!

Classic Horror Scares

Straight from the VHS collections of our parents, these killers have frightened generations of children and adults alike! 

The Grady Twins

This iconic pair of twins are the tragic victims of their father’s murderous impulses while working at the truly creepy Overlook Hotel. Encountered just once by Danny, their creepy mantra asking Danny to play with them “for ever…and ever…” has haunted many a nightmare.

Grab a friend or partner and scare everyone at the party by ominously standing hand in hand in hallways. Our Creepy Sister costume has a blood-splattered sage green girls’ dress that perfectly mimics the film costume, a bow headband, and bloodstained socks.

And while that’s perfect for the adults in our audience, it’ll look even more authentic if you get a couple of young girls to wear the child’s version. Parents with twins – we’re looking at you!


What happens when a child’s favourite toy is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer? You might not know the story, but you can probably guess it isn’t going to end well! 

A young boy with long blonde hair wears a Chucky costume with scars on his face and a knife in his hand

Our killer doll costume is perfect for kids as they don’t need to know the reference to look cool and creepy! Dressed up as a Good Guy toy in comfy dungarees with an attached tshirt, it’s up to you whether you want to keep them looking sweet or give them a few fake scars to liven things up.

Bride of Chucky

The not-quite bride of Chucky, played by Jennifer Tilly, is almost as recognisable as her beau despite only appearing in the sequel movie. The bleach blonde hair with dark roots, the tiny white wedding dress and the biker jacket are all essential components to this look, and we’ve got two out of three in our Bride of Chucky costumes.

The kid’s version of this outfit is super simple, as the white dress with tattered hem, black belt and jacket all come as standard and can be enhanced with blood splatters, prop knives and blonde wigs. 

The adult version is virtually identical – minus the belt – and with a shorter skirt. A shoulder-length blonde wig would be the perfect addition, whether it’s a plain blonde look or this bloodied specimen, and the gun from this set would work well as her weapon. Don’t forget that gothic makeup!

Jason Voorhees

The man, the myth, the legend: Jason is the silent antagonist of the Friday 13th movies, despite only briefly appearing in the first. We rarely see his deformed face, as it’s usually covered with either a cloth sack or the now unmistakable hockey mask, so you don’t need to worry about prosthetics – just stare out ominously from behind the mask! 

A man wearing a Jason Voorhees costume and mask holds a bloody machete menacingly

Jason’s look changes throughout the films, but always retains that country look. In our officially licensed Jason Voorhees costume he wears a tan jacket that’s ripped at the edges and covered in blood – so we know he’s already been up to some mischief – connected to a blue tshirt-style top. Pair with some large boots and dark trousers, and make sure to include a weapon like his signature machete (although he does use an axe as well).

Classic Pennywise

This cult classic of a movie instilled a fear of clowns in entire generations of viewers, and while it might seem a little dated now, to some of us Pennywise the clown is just as terrifying as ever!

This officially licensed costume has everything you need, including the jumpsuit with yellow body, blue sleeves and large white collar. You can even recreate the creepy balding clown look with the included wig, which has a bald section at the top.

His makeup is pretty easy to replicate – white out your face with face paint,  draw on red lips with a pronounced downward curve, ring your eyes in black and draw two lines of blue above and below the eye. Finish with some swooping black eyebrows and maybe pop in a set of these gnarly evil clown teeth.

A man in a modern Pennywise costume leans in to steal balloons from someone dressed as classic Tim Curry Pennywise

The whole thing will be perfectly finished off with a clutch of multi-coloured balloons.  And if you’re more interested in Bill Skarsgård’s modern interpretation, we’ve got you covered a little further down.

Scream Killer

What’s your favourite scary story? Ours is the one where a cheap Halloween costume becomes the most important villain costume of the 90s.

Because the thing about Ghostface is, he’s more of a costume than he is a person. Many people have taken on the role of Ghostface, wearing the identity-concealing long black hooded robe and anguished ghostly face mask. The costume was actually a real one, created by an American fancy dress company and then licensed to Wes Craven for the movie.

Thanks to this simplicity, it’s an incredibly easy costume to imitate – which is where our Scream Killer costume comes in. The black hooded robe has a sash around the waist and the classic tattered sleeves and hem, and comes with the horrible face mask that appears to be crying and screaming at the same time. 

Ghostface only uses one weapon, and it’s his signature knife. This bleeding knife prop looks just like the one in the film, featuring that same curve to the tip, and has the added benefit of looking like it’s already dripping with blood! 

Halloween H20 Michael Myers

Arguably the inspiration for dozens of horror villains that would follow, Michael Myers is an utterly unmistakable costume for Halloween. 

The lumbering, seemingly immortal killer from the Halloween series of films has a super simple design,  usually wearing a blue boiler suit and blank white mask. Funnily enough, the original mask used is actually one of William Shatner as Captain Kirk, painted white. Ours isn’t quite Star Trek worthy but the full overhead mask with hair attached is still plenty creepy.

A man wearing a Michael Myers costume and mask holding a bloody fake knife

The classic blue boiler suit comes pre-blood stained, and unlike many of our other costumes, this one actually comes with the classic kitchen knife – his most well-known weapon, although he’s used everything from phone cords to corn threshers to get his kills.

And if you want to get really freaky, you could dress your little one as a mini Mike Myers – this costume comes as just the blood-splattered boiler suit, so add your own weapon and maybe a simple clown mask as a nod to the outfit Myers wore to kill his own sister as a child.

Freddy Krueger

The master of nightmares himself, Freddy Krueger! Freddy’s outfit is simple – all you need are the torn jumper, iconic hat and of course, his weapon of choice, that bladed gardening glove! 

A man in a Freddy Krueger costume and mask is afraid of his only weakness - a dreamcatcher

Our officially licensed Freddy costume comes with a face mask, although if you’re a dab hand with SFX makeup you could try to recreate the burnt look yourself! Memorise some of his well-known phrases to really put a fright into your friends, and don’t worry ladies – we’ve got one for you too (more on that further down).

Freddy doesn’t need any weapons beyond his finger gloves, as his primary killing tools are the nightmares of his prey. 

Modern Monster Movie Fancy Dress


James Wan’s The Conjuring franchise has been a huge boon for horror films in the 21st century, and it’s no surprise we’ve got two of his creations on this list.

First up is Annabelle, the creepy haunted porcelain doll of our nightmares, from the movie of the same name. A porcelain doll inhabited by a demon conjured by Satanists? Definitely Halloween worthy.

Although your little one has – hopefully – not seen the film itself, they might recognise this horrifying figure from her long white silky dress with red ribbons. The dress is simple to put on and works best with a pair of white mary janes. If her hair is long enough, tie it into plaits with red ribbons, and experiment with some creepy doll makeup

The Nun

Another from The Conjuring Universe, nuns have always been slightly creepy and not exactly underrepresented in horror. However, the demon Valak in the form of a Catholic nun is a particularly horrific version.

The nun first appeared in The Conjuring 2 before getting her own spin-off horror film where we got to see plenty of that horrifying face – and don’t you worry, our deluxe costume comes with a mask of that creepy face with black drawn back lips and horrifying teeth.

Someone wearing a costume of Valak from The Nun is staring menacingly into the camera

As well as the mask you get the long robes with a belt and the habit headpiece with a large collar just like nuns wear. As the Nun is technically the male demon Valak taking on the form of a nun, this one’s open to men and women.

New Pennywise

Of course we have to have the more modern take on Pennywise in the list – a little less camp than Tim Curry’s representation, Bill Skarsgård’s version is terrifying in entirely different ways.

A modern version of Pennywise lurks in the doorway waving and holding a single red balloon

Instead of brightly coloured clown garb, this version of It is dressed in a more sombre grey and red clown costume. The top has long sleeves with ruffled at the shoulders and waist, as well as a large ruffled hem and neckline, and red pom poms down the front. The trousers match the grey and are slightly short, ending in more ruffles. Everything is accented with a deep red satin ribbon, just the colour of blood!

This costume also comes with a frankly terrifying face mask with It’s chubby-cheeked grin and cracking porcelain forehead, but you could also choose to skip the mask and go down the makeup route – we’ve got just the tutorial for you.

Finish it off with a pair of white gloves and a creepy It balloon that’s floating with helium and there’ll be no limit to the number of party-goers you can terrify!

We even have a kid-friendly version of this super creepy outfit, so you could choose to go as It and Mini-It!

A young boy in a modern Pennywise costume holding a balloon in front of a fireplace

Billy the Puppet

The film that sparked a cultural shift in horror movies, the Saw movies are deeply burned into the psyche for a lot of us! And while the killer is barely seen in the first movie of the franchise, his terrifying tricycle-riding puppet Billy makes a few notable appearances. 

This is one of those rare opportunities where we have the same costume available for adults and children. The kids costume comes with a black jacket, attached shirt and trousers, and a fabric tricycle sitting around the waist. While they might not get the reference, they will look incredibly cute and creepy!

The adult version varies only in that the bow tie and tricycle are purple rather than red. Both costumes can be improved with plenty of white face paint (or, as an easier solution, a Jigsaw mask) and white cotton gloves for kids or grownups.

For a slightly different Saw-related costume, we sell these fantastic latex pig masks – combine with a long black wig to become Jigsaw or any of his minions in the act of kidnapping their next victim!

The Purge

As one of the latest great horror franchises, we had to include a few costumes from The Purge in this list. And considering that many of the most notable characters are a simple combination of mask and weapon, we actually have a whole medley of character options for you!

One of the most recognisable looks is Candy Girl’s creepy ballerina – you can get the Kiss Me mask to pair with a bloody ballerina outfit, then cover your outfit in fake blood and wield a fake tommy gun.

A woman dressed as Candy Girl from The Purge, wearing a white tutu, creepy mask and holding a fake gun

The Polite Leader is another simple costume to do – all you need is one of our Evil Grin masks and a suit. You might also need a machete.

Finally, we do sell a few other masks taken straight from the film, including the Face of God mask from The Purge: Anarchy and a cross mask that imitates the makeup worn by The Bikers, also in Anarchy. We’ve also got some extra ideas hidden up our sleeve for even more Purge costumes!

Gender Swapped Villain Costumes

Most classic horror movie villains are men, but where does that leave the ladies who want to terrify at Halloween? Luckily, we have a few options for you that replicate the looks of some of our favourite murderous villains, but better styled to fit a woman.


Given that It is a shapeshifting cosmic evil, we don’t think they should be constrained by the limits of gender (and besides, It lays eggs which kind of makes it female, right?)

Either way, if you’re a fan of the films you absolutely need to get on this amazing Pennywise costume. Modelled after the modern interpretation, it comes as an ash-grey dress with long sleeves, shoulder puffs, a neck ruffle and a bubble skirt. The blood red accents really make this outfit pop – and it even comes with the perfect shade of grey tights. 

This Poison Ivy wig is just the right colour and length to make the perfect finishing touch, or you could go for our classic red crimped wig. We’ve even got a great tutorial on how to do your makeup just as it looks in the film! 

A female version of Pennywise the clown holding a heart shaped red balloon while a female version of Freddy Krueger shows off her bladed glove

Freddy Krueger

The undead antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm St series of films has such a simple and iconic look – all you really need are a red and green jumper, a brown trilby hat, and a pair of gardening gloves with (dulled) blades attached.

Instead of putting a woman straight into the traditional Freddy costume, we’ve gotten our hands on an officially licensed costume that transforms the jumper into a dress. It looks ripped and burned – perfect for someone who died in a fire – and comes with the hat and gloves.

Jason Lover

While anyone could wear our classic Jason Voorhees costume, we wanted to offer something that was fun and feminine while still showing your love for this particular masked killer.

This cute hockey shirt style dress is black with red accents, a red number 13 on each shoulder, and Jason’s hockey mask on the front with blood splatters behind it. On the back of the dress, another 13 appears in a blood splatter, and the name “Jason Voorhees” is printed above.

Woman wearing a Jason Voorhees supporter tshirt and leaning casually on a hockey stick

Wear it alone, or become your own kind of Jason with a deluxe Jason Voorhees hockey mask. Jason uses many weapons across his twelve films, novels, comic books and video games, but the machete is by far his most iconic.

And that’s all we’ve got! Hopefully you’ve found some excellent ideas lurking in this post and are feeling ready to celebrate the spookiest time of the year in style!