Healthy Party Food for Kids

Healthy Party Food Ideas - Banana Dolphins

There’s nothing wrong with a few sweet treats at a kids’ birthday party but if you’d rather that wasn’t all your kids ate, take a look at these simple healthy party food ideas.

You might remember our five minute healthy Halloween treats but today we want to show you a few nutritious snacks that you can make all year round.

And the best bit? There’s absolutely no cooking required!

Melon Pops

For a healthy alternative to cake pops, we used this star shaped cookie cutter to cut out watermelon stars. Then we simply stuck each one on top of a toffee apple stick – you can find the ones we used here.

Not only do melon pops look great but the bite-size chunks of melon also make them easy and fun for kids to eat! And as far as healthy party food goes, you can’t deny it’s tasty.

Healthy Party Food Ideas - Melon Pops

Healthy Party Food Ideas - Melon Pops

Banana Dolphins

Next up are these really cute banana dolphins! If you’re as easily amused as we are, they’ll definitely be a hit at your kids’ party.

Simply cut your bananas in half, split the stalk in half with a knife and draw on two eyes. Pop a grape in the middle of the stalk to prop it open. You only need the top half of the banana for this but don’t let the other half go to waste – use it for some mini fruit canapés (you’ll find the recipe below).

For an extra special touch, stand your dolphins up on a blue serving platter like this one to make it look like they’re popping up out of the sea! Very cute indeed.

Healthy Party Food Ideas - Banana Dolphins

Fruity Canapés

Use your leftover bananas to make these cute, fruity canapés. Cut your bananas into small bite-size pieces and chop the strawberries in half. Then hold them together with a decorative cocktail stick – we used these ones.

You can use whatever fruit you like – the main thing is that it’s healthy and the perfect size for kids’ little hands. Why not make a few different combinations with pineapple, grapes, mango, apples and whatever other fruit you have to hand.

Healthy Party Food Ideas - Fruity Canapés

If you’re planning to try out any of our healthy party food ideas, visit our website for our full range of catering supplies.

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