Haunted House Photo Booth Ideas


Throwing a Halloween party this year?

A Halloween photo booth is a fun way to get some spooky photos of everyone in costume.

Read on to find out how to set up a spooky haunted house photo booth with a few simple props and decorations.

How to set up a Halloween photo booth

First things first, pick up all the decorations you need for your haunted house photo booth. Do this before the party and make it as simple or as elaborate as you want – it’s up to you.

Anything goes (take a look at our full range of Halloween decorations for inspiration) but here’s what we used.

Once you’ve chosen a selection of photo booth decorations, setting up your photo booth will take around 15 minutes (not long at all).

Starting by clearing a corner of your party venue and pinning up a gothic mansion scene setter like this. It’s rather large and comes in two parts so you’ll probably need an extra person to help you pin it up. We’d recommend doing the bottom half first and cutting it to size if it’s too big for your room.


Once your haunted house scene setter is up, it’ll look something like this. You can see how it instantly transforms the room!


Next, add some creepy cobwebs with a pack of spider web decorations like this. Stretch them out and then hang them haphazardly from wall to wall to make it look like a haunted house that’s been abandoned for centuries!


Next, add some props! A large cardboard coffin like this will instantly give your Halloween photo booth a creepy, haunted house look and your guests can have loads of fun posing with it.


Now your photo booth is ready for business! Make sure you’ve got lots of Halloween photo booth props on hand for your guests to hold like ravens, scythes, skulls and skeletons. You could even print out our free Halloween photo props.


Strike a silent, creepy pose or a pull your scariest face – it’s up to you!


Want to know where we got our costumes? Head to partydelights.co.uk to pick up any of the costumes featured in this post – including this creepy graveyard bride outfit!


Vampire costumes are perfect for a haunted house party theme – take a look at our best ones here.


Want a really scary costume? Go for Dapper Death – and take a look at our round-up of this year’s scariest Halloween costumes for more inspiration.


And for people without costumes, pick up a couple of scary masks like these. They’ll make truly terrifying photos!


Want more Halloween party ideas? Visit Party Delights for our full range of Halloween party supplies and costumes or stay on our blog:



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