Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is now fast approaching us and with it only being just over a week away, I thought it was probably about time to give you a super quick and simple makeup tutorial for those last minute gals out there!

Probably the most popular female character of the year, Harley Quinn is no doubt on top of a lot of peoples go-to costume lists for this year and so today I thought I would show you how simple it is to recreate her look.

Of course, the first thing you should do is get the actual costume sorted – I chose the Harley Quinn costume from Party Delights and love how similar it looks to that of Margot Robbie’s in the film! I also then used the red and blue hair sprays from Party Delights and popped my hair into side ponytails, spraying the bottom of the left side blue and the right side red. These were super easy to use and washed out of my hair really well – which was definitely something I was quite scared of! Now onto the Harley Quinn makeup!

How to do Harley Quinn makeup

Step 1

This step is all about your base. In this first step you want to make sure you have your foundation on and add a little contour to define your cheek bones. I also filled in my brows and concealed under my eyes. With the foundation, Harley Quinn is very pale, so I made sure to pick a foundation that was lighter than my usual shade!

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas

Step 2

For step 2 we’re focusing on the eyes! Harley’s signature look is her blue and red, so taking the Snazaroo blue and red face paints, I’ve completely covered each eye lid and the dragged the respective colour down under each eye a bit to make it look a lot messier.

I also then defined my eyes a little with a black eye liner and smudged this out along my lash lines. Just like your hair, you want to have the left side blue and the right eye red.

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas Step 2

Step 3

This step can be a little trickier, but honestly that’s as difficult as this tutorial is going to get! slightly under your right eye (the red one) you just want to draw in a little black heart for Harley’s tattoo. I did this using liquid eyeliner but you could also do this with a black face paint and fine brush.

I also then wrote in the word ‘ROTTEN’ down the side of my right cheek in the same black ink. This was the tricky part as I had to do it backwards in the mirror – but as long as you remember which way round it goes, you shouldn’t have a problem!

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas Step 3

Step 4

This step is super easy! You want to get a bright red lipstick and apply it all over, focusing a little more onto the left hand side for our next step!

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas Step 4

Step 5

Taking two fingers over the left hand side of your mouth (where you applied more lipstick) you want to drag down the product like I have in the picture below. This gives the messy look that Harley always has!

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas Step 5

And that’s the whole Harley Quinn makeup look! It’s super easy to recreate and doesn’t take any time at all! I really hope you’ve enjoyed these tutorials and I hope they’ve helped with your ideas for Halloween this year! It would be great if you’d like to pop along to my blog to say hi too, as always I’m over at www.bekylou.com.

Harley Quinn Costume

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