Gruesome Zombie Party Ideas

A party table laid out with food, drink and decorations for a Halloween themed party

Throwing a zombie apocalypse party is the perfect way to celebrate the most gruesome side of Halloween.

Think blood, guts and disgusting decorations to make your guests squirm!

Read on for dozens of zombie party ideas including how to decorate, gruesome games and frightful food!

Zombie decorating ideas

A zombie-themed party should gruesome and gory – so ramp up the guts and gore! This party theme is best for adult Halloween parties so if you’re throwing a zombie party for kids, you may want to tone down the gore a bit. Read on for our best zombie decorating ideas.

Bloody gauze tablecloth – It doesn’t take much to transform your party venue into a scene from the zombie apocalypse! Start decorating with a bloody plastic tablecloth on each table.

Red cutlery – Sticking to a colour scheme will make your zombie party decorations look extra professional. We chose red plastic cutlery like this to match the guts and gore!

Zombie Party Supplies

Severed hand props – Next, put out some zombie props! We chose severed hand props and other plastic body parts for a real zombie apocalypse look.

Zombie Party Decorations 2

Blood-splat decorations – These are our favourite zombie party decorations! Stick these blood splat decorations on your walls, and pick up some bloody footprint decorations to stick on the floor!

Zombie Party Decorations 4

Zombie party food ideas

The next part of your zombie apocalypse party is party food! Here are a couple of gross recipes for a zombie party theme.

Finger food – Serve finger food at your zombie Halloween party – literally! Put a pack of plastic fingers in a bowl to gross out your guests.

Finger hot dogs – Hot dogs are a classic party food (and really quick and easy to make). Give yours a gory makeover by scratching off the skin at one of the sausage to make it look like a fingernail, then serve it in a bun with some ketchup that looks like blood.

Zombie Party Food

Rice krispee brains – Make your rice krispee mixture with melted butter, mini marshmallows and rice krispees, then roll balls of mixture into the shape of a brain. Before you leave them to set, use a knife to make a brain-like indent down the middle. Then drizzle it with strawberry sauce for a bloody, brain look!

Finger pie – Make any cake or pie look extra disgusting with plastic fingers like these poking out of the top!

Zombie Party Food 2

Zombie party game ideas

Last but not least is zombie party games! Here are our favourite gruesome games to keep your guests entertained.

Zombie freeze – This game is musical statues with a zombie twist! Get everyone to walk around like zombies and when the music stops, anyone caught moving is out!

Brain toss – Make a batch of water balloons and draw on them with a pink marker to make them look like brains. In pairs, the players must toss a water balloon back and forth until they drop it (and it bursts). The winner is last pair with a water balloon in tact!

Body part scavanger hunt – Gather some zombie body part props like hands, feet, fingers and eyeballs, and hide them around the house/party venue. Whoever finds the most wins!

How to set up a zombie photo booth

Setting up a zombie photo booth is really easy, and not expensive to do. It’s completely up to you which decorations you choose but here’s what we used:

If you’re feeling creative, don’t just stick to what we used. Take a look at our zombie decorations to create your own gruesome photo booth look.

Zombie Photo Booth with huge cleaver prop

Once set up, make sure you have plenty of bloody props on hand and get snapping! Zombie costumes are of course essential, but if you’re struggling for a good idea have a look through our zombie costume ideas.

Easy! You have a fully equipped, terrifyingly bloody zombie party for everyone to enjoy!