Graduation Party Ideas for the Class of 2016

Graduation Party Ideas - Class of 2016

It’s almost time for the Class of 2016 to graduate!

So if you’re looking for ideas for a graduation celebration, we’re here to help with our collection of graduation party ideas.

From decorating ideas and free photo props to unique ways to make the day special, you’ll be *grad* you read this post!

Planning your graduation celebration

Choose a venue

First things first, choose a venue for your graduation party! This could be at home, a hired venue or even at your university – it’s up to you!

Send out your invites

Chances are lots of people will be going for meals with their parents or planning their own celebration after the graduation ceremony – make sure you send out your party invitations (or at least create a Facebook event) a couple of weeks in advance so people can plan around the party if they want to come.

Stock up on party essentials

There’s a lot to do on graduation day (collect your gown, go to the ceremony, take photos with parents/family/friends, get your official photo taken, attend celebrations at your university department, drop your gown back off…) so you probably won’t have a lot of time for setting up your party.

This is where paper plates and cups come in really handy – they’re quick to lay out and instead of washing them, just throw them away! We love these ones with a ‘congrats grad’ design.

Graduation Party Supplies


Wherever you’re holding your graduation party (even if it’s in one of your university buildings), a couple of graduation party decorations will instantly transform the place. For a graduation party theme we love anything with a mortar hat on – like these graduation fan decorations.

Graduation Party Decorations

Put mortar hats on everything

Mortar hats are an iconic part of graduation day, so they should feature heavily in your graduation decorations! We particularly love these mortar hat straw toppers to decorate your drinks!

Graduation Mortar Hat Straw Toppers

Get novelty accessories for the non-graduates

Chances are it won’t just be graduates at your graduation party – there’ll be friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends – so stock up on a few novelty graduation accessories so that they can join in the fun too. We love these giant mortar hat glasses – did someone say photo opportunity?

Graduation Party Fancy Dress Accessories

Download our free printable graduation photo props

Graduation day is the perfect opportunity to get loads of group photos before you and your uni mates part ways – and our free printable graduation photo props are a fun way to create some photo memories.

We’ve got a photo prop for each member of your group – class clown, biggest poser, most athletic… Just set up a photo booth corner, grab a prop and strike a pose!

Graduation Photo Props


We’ve hope we’ve given you plenty of graduation party ideas to help you start planning your graduation celebration! Visit Party Delights for our full range of graduation party supplies or stay on our blog for even more party ideas:



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