26 Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Edward, our Elf on the Shelf, getting ready for some Christmas mischief

Meet Edward, the newest member of the Party Delights team! He’s super excited about Christmas, and as you can see, he’s been causing all sorts of mischief around the office.

Want to see what he’s be up to? Take a look at his festive adventures and recreate the Elf on the Shelf craze at home with your very own Edward the Elf fun pack!

  1. Making the tea

Elf on the Shelf idea - Making tea

Like every other office in the country, we’re partial to a brew every now and then. Edward kindly volunteered to get a round in, but as you can see, things didn’t quite go according to plan. Looks like someone’s been in the sugar bowl!

  1. Being part of the family

Elf on the Shelf idea - redesigning a family photo

Edward really loves feeling like part of the family. Sadly, he also loves being extremely mischievous, so as well as joining this lovely family photo, he couldn’t resist adding his own silly doodles.

  1. Drawing on the walls

Elf on the Shelf idea - Graffiti on the walls

Covering the office in graffiti is neither big nor clever. Try telling that to Edward though – he thinks he’s the next Banksy!

  1. Redesigning the Christmas tree

Elf on the Shelf idea - Wrapping a Christmas tree in toilet paper

It’s not just the walls that Edward has been messing with, he’s even covered the Christmas tree in Brussels sprouts toilet paper as well! We’ll be clearing this mess up until Boxing Day at this rate.

  1. Holding this adorable penguin to ransom

Elf on the Shelf idea - Holding a penguin beside a ransom note

Stop, or the penguin gets it! Earlier this week, Edward decided he didn’t want to wait until Christmas Day for his presents, so he took matters into his own hands.

Don’t worry, we sorted it! Percy the penguin is fine and Edward appreciates that taking hostages and writing ransom notes isn’t an appropriate way to get more presents.

  1. Space hopper racing

Elf on the Shelf idea - A festive Space hopper race

Percy seems to have forgiven Edward pretty quickly after his ransom ordeal, and now they’re having a race on some festive space hoppers instead! It looks like Edward’s Christmas pudding is about to beat Percy the penguin’s snowman to the finish line.

  1. Caught in the act

Elf on the Shelf idea - Eating all the chocolate

With Christmas coming up, we put out a nice box of chocolates for everyone in the office to share. The next day, the box was empty, but we couldn’t find anyone who’d eaten any. Then we found Edward, and it quickly became clear what had happened!

  1. Stuck

Elf on the Shelf idea - Edward the Elf strapped to a wall

Whatever Edward did to upset our Christmas critters, they obviously weren’t best pleased! We thought about stepping in to rescue him, but then we remembered he ate all our chocolates, so we decided to leave him to it.

  1. House-hunting

Elf on the Shelf idea - House-hunting on the computer

As much as we love having Edward around, he’s such a troublemaker that we thought it was time he found a place of his own. Here he is looking for gingerbread houses online. We hope his new housemates can handle him!

  1. Building an igloo

Elf on the Shelf idea - Building an igloo out of toilet paper

While he waits for a place of his own, Edward has decided to build himself a temporary home. The result is this pretty impressive toilet paper igloo!

  1. Making a Christmas balloon wreath

Elf on the Shelf idea - sitting a Christmas wreath made from balloons

Creating your own Christmas decorations is a fun, festive activity for all the family. Here’s Edward chilling out in a festive wreath made out of colourful balloons. As you do.

  1. Stocking filler

Elf on the Shelf idea - Edward peeping out of a stocking

Who’s that peeping out of our Christmas stocking? Why it’s Edward, of course! We’d love to tell you he’s just looking for a good spot to warm himself by the fireplace, but it’s much more likely that he’s looking for festive sweets and chocolate!

  1. Abseiling

Elf on the Shelf idea - Abseiling down the fireplace on a string of Christmas lights

When he’s made enough mischief for one day, Edward usually rests on the mantelpiece. However, it looks like he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve today! Here he is making a bid for freedom using a string of fairy lights, the crafty little devil!

  1. Learning the trapeze

Elf on the Shelf idea - Trapeze artist

Occasionally, Edward will mutter something about running off to join the circus. To be honest, we never really took him seriously. That was until he stunned us all with his amazing trapeze skills!

  1. Living in a bubble

Elf on the Shelf idea - In a balloon

As you’ve probably worked out by now, Edward’s quite an all-action type of guy. However, sometimes he just fancies a bit of peace and quiet. That’s why he’s popped into his balloon bubble for a little rest!

  1. Chatting to his celebrity friends

Elf on the Shelf idea - Edward meeting Beyonce and Cillian Murphy

We’ll be honest, when Edward asked us if he could have a couple of friends over for tea, we were expecting more elves. So you can imagine our shock when Beyoncé and Cillian Murphy walked in!

We’re not really sure where these three met, but they seemed to get on pretty well. Edward really is full of surprises!

  1. Sampling a few cocktails

Elf on the Shelf idea - Drinking cocktails

Everyone loves a festive tipple, and elves are no different! The only trouble is, Edward can’t decide which Christmas cocktail he likes the most. His only solution was to try all of them in one go.

Looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn’t he? We wonder if he’ll still feel the same way tomorrow morning!

  1. Taking a selfie

Elf on the Shelf idea - Taking a selfie

No Christmas party is complete without a few selfies, so here’s Edward getting Insta ready with his festive friends!

  1. Playing poker

Elf on the Shelf idea - Playing poker

It was poker night round at Edward’s last week, and he invited some of closest friends over for a game. Funny, our invite must have got lost in the post!

From the look of that pile of chocolate coins, it looks as though Edward might have a new favourite game.

  1. Making his own Christmas wrapping paper

Elf on the Shelf idea - Making free printable Christmas wrapping paper

Here’s a rare snap of Edward actually doing some work! As you can see, he’s making some lovely Christmas wrapping paper. He’s even turned it into a free printable for you to use when you’re wrapping presents. What a nice guy!

  1. Making snow angels

Elf on the Shelf idea - Making snow angels

Who’s dreaming of a white Christmas? Edward certainly is, and he knows all too well that when you see a pile of snow, there’s only one rule – you have to make a Snow Angel!

  1. Playing golf

Elf on the Shelf idea - Playing golf with a candy cane

Fore! Edward’s golf skills leave a little to be desired, but that might have something to do with the fact that he doesn’t own any golf clubs. Luckily, he’s very resourceful, so he decided just to use a candy cane and some chocolates instead!

  1. Fishing

Elf on the Shelf idea - Catching fish

Here’s Edward enjoying another of his many hobbies! Fishing is a nice way for him to relax after a hard day of mischief-making. As long as it keeps him out of trouble, we’re happy!

  1. Riding a llama

Elf on the Shelf idea - Riding a llama

Llamas are Christmassy, right? Well, they’re really popular right now, so why not? Edward’s certainly keen – so much so, he’s made a new friend!

  1. Reading a Christmas story

Elf on the Shelf idea - Reading a Christmas story

At the end of a long, hard day, sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice story before bed. Edward’s showing off his generous side here by reading a traditional Christmas tale to some of his friends. What’s your favourite festive read?

  1. Leaving for the North Pole

Elf on the Shelf idea - Taking off in a hot air balloon

Like any good elf, Edward needs to head back to Santa’s workshop in time to get all the toys ready and tell Santa which children have been naughty and nice this year.

As we all know, flights can be pretty expensive at this time of year, so he decided to build himself a hot air balloon instead.

See you next year, Edward!

Show us what you’ve got

We’d love to see you try some of these Elf on the Shelf ideas at home this Christmas. Be sure to share your photos with @partydelightsuk on Instagram if you do, or let us know if you’ve had some ideas of your own!



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