7 Funny Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas For Grown-ups

Funny Christmas fancy dress costumes, including a penguin, Christmas tree and jolly elf

Going to a festive fancy dress party, but want to steer clear of the usual Santa suits, elves and angels? These funny Christmas costume ideas are just what you need to make your friends and family smile!

From spectacularly silly outfits to clever twists on Christmas classics, you’re sure to find something that everyone will remember.

1. Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding fancy dress costume

Let’s start with the sweetest costume on our list. This brilliant Christmas pudding outfit is bound to put everyone in the mood for Yuletide joy!

The top, featuring a pudding drizzled in brandy butter, can be worn easily over your regular clothes, while the holly sprig hat is a fun finishing touch. As Christmas treats go, this one is pretty hard to resist!

2. Christmas Tree

Christmas tree fancy dress costume

Just because you’re looking for a funny costume, doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress! This Christmas tree has been decorated with all the trimmings, including tinsel and baubles. Just try not to stand still for too long, or people might start leaving presents around you!

3. Penguin

Penguin Christmas fancy dress costume

Kid in a penguin costume? Adorable! Grown-up in a penguin costume? Ridiculous!

This, in a nutshell, is why a penguin is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a festive outfit that’s sure to raise a few laughs. You’ll look hilarious waddling around in this easy-to-wear penguin onesie, while the funny flipper shoe covers add another layer of charm to one of our favourite fancy dress costumes.

4. Inflatable Turkey

Inflatable turkey Christmas fancy dress costume

This terrific turkey costume brings an extra layer of theatre to the party, because it’s inflatable! There’s a little fan tucked away at the back of the outfit that you can activate when you’re ready to puff up your poultry, which is sure to provide plenty of laughs.

If that wasn’t Christmassy enough, this costume even comes with a Santa hat!

5. Jolly Elf

Woman dressed as Christmas elf

Here’s a costume that’s both funny and adorable! This Christmas elf outfit is great on its own, or you can buy a batch and dress up with your friends. It’s also a good option if you’re hosting a party and want to get into character to hand out a few presents to friends and family.

6. Mr Christmas

Christmas suit fancy dress costume

Do you want a funny costume, but you’re not quite prepared to wear something as silly as an inflatable turkey? What about this handsome Christmas suit?

Imagine a bad Christmas jumper. Got one? Good. Now, imagine one that takes up your whole outfit and you’ve pretty much got the idea with this comically ugly three-piece suit. When you’re wearing this jacket, trousers and tie, you certainly won’t get lost in the crowd!

7. Santa & Rudolph

Santa and Rudolph Christmas fancy dress costume

We’ve seen some fairly ridiculous outfits so far, but this one tops the lot. Imagine the reaction when you walk into your Christmas party dressed in a Santa suit, apparently sat on Rudolph’s shoulders! Who knew our favourite red-nosed reindeer was this strong?

Bringing your kids to the party? Take a look at our collection of cute Christmas fancy dress for younger children and make sure the whole family has the perfect costume!