Fun Hawaiian Party Games for Your Luau Party

Hawaiian Party Games

Aloha! So you’ve decided to throw a Hawaiian luau party and now you’re looking for some fun Hawaiian party games to keep your guests entertained!

Luckily for you, help is at hand with our collection of Hawaiian-themed games. Choose as many as you like for your party and reward the winner of each game with a lei. Whoever has the most leis at the end of the party is the grand champion!

Read on and let the tropical fun begin!

Limbo contest

It wouldn’t be a Hawaiian luau without a game of limbo! All you need is a limbo stick like this and two people to hold it. Start with the stick fairly high up and as the game goes on, hold it lower and lower. If you can’t limbo under the stick without touching it, you’re out!

Coconut roll

Here’s another fun Hawaiian game that’s perfect for young children – a coconut roll!

All you need is a couple of coconuts and something to mark the starting line. Give each player a coconut and whoever rolls theirs the furthest wins a prize.

Hula hoop contest

Or how about a hula hooping contest? See who can spin a hoop around their waist the longest, or run the furthest without dropping their hoop. Reward the winner with a Hawaiian lei!

Lawn chair volleyball

The next of our Hawaiian party games is lawn chair volleyball – a hilarious game to play outside in the garden.

Set up your net (or two makeshift posts) and lay out an equal number of chairs on each side. Then blow up and beach ball and let the game of volleyball begin – but no-one is allowed to stand up out of their chair!

Tiki piñata

Piñatas are fun for every party theme, and Hawaiian parties are no exception!

Plus a tiki piñata like this will be a great party decoration until you’re ready to play. Fill it with treats and then take it in turns to smash it open!

Pineapple bowling

Our final tropical-themed party game is pineapple bowling! All you need is ten pineapples and a floor that’s flat enough to roll a ball along.

Line your pineapples up like you would in a normal game of ten pin bowling (four at the back, then three, two, and one pin at the front).

Then give each player a go to knock down as many pineapples as they can!

And there you have loads of fun party games to play at your Hawaiian party! If you’re already planning your party, head over to Party Delights to browse our tiki-tastic range of Hawaiian party supplies. Or stay on our blog for even more fantastic summer party ideas:



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