Fun Football Party Games for Kids

Fun Football Party Games for Kids

Summer is the perfect time to throw a football party – and today we’re going to show you how to kick yours off with some fun football party games for kids!

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of party games tucked up your sleeve to keep everyone entertained and these football games are great fun for children whatever their age. They can be played indoors or outdoors and you might even find some of the grown-ups want to join in too – let’s get started!

Fun football party games

Balloon keepie-uppies

Balloon keepie-uppies is a great way to keep everyone entertained while the rest of your guests are still arriving. Just blow up some football balloons like these ones (in-keeping with the theme of the party) and give one to each child.

Whoever can keep the balloon off the ground for as long as possible wins, and if you want to make this game harder, tell everyone they can only hit the balloon with their head! Make this football party game funnier by telling them they can only hit it with their elbows or their knees!

Football Whistles for Football Party Games

Balloon football

If you’re throwing a football party for younger children, why not start a game of balloon football? A balloon will be much easier for them to kick than a football and everyone can join in!

Then once the game’s over, why not reward the winning team with a medal or trophy like these ones?

Football piñata

Piñatas are a guaranteed fun kids party game. Plus they come in all shapes and sizes so it’s really easy to find one that fits your party theme – just like this brilliant football piñata.

Fill it with sweets and small toys, and you’re ready to play. Just remember you’ll need a piñata buster and a blindfold too – something like this would be perfect!

Football balloon pop

We’ve saved the best til last with this fun football party game for kids – football balloon pop! Start by splitting the party into two teams and blow up an equal number of black balloons for one team, and white balloons for the other.

Then put all the balloons in the middle and the first team to pop all their colour balloons wins! Prizes for the winning team are a must, of course.

More football party ideas

Find everything you need to complete your football party over on Party Delights – from themed tableware, balloons and decorations to even a fake grass table runner that’ll make your table look like a football pitch!

Football Party Supplies

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