Free Printable Unicorn Bingo

Free Printable Unicorn Bingo Game

Liven up your birthday party with our free printable unicorn bingo!

This fun unicorn party game is fun for kids of any age and it won’t cost you a penny to download. We’ll supply the bingo cards… You supply the prizes!

Read on to find out how to play.

What you need

Free Printable Unicorn Bingo Cards

How to play!

Bingo is a classic party game that most people know how to play. But just in case, here’s a quick recap!

  1. Start by cutting up one unicorn bingo card. Fold up each square and put them all in a bowl for the bingo caller.
  2. Give a bingo card and a pen/pencil to each player.
  3. One at a time, the bingo caller picks a card out of the bowl and describes the picture.
  4. If you’ve got that picture on your bingo card, cross it off.
  5. The first player to cross out a whole row (horizontal, diagonal or vertical) shouts BINGO! and wins a prize.

Unicorn Bingo Game

Let us know if you have a go at playing our unicorn bingo game! Check out our whole range of unicorn party supplies here or stay on our blog for even more unicorn party ideas.