Free Printable Reindeer Lollipop Covers

Free Printable Reindeer Lollipop Covers

‘Tis the season to get crafty – and today we’re making reindeer lollipop covers!

A fun Christmas party favour or stocking filler, reindeer lollipops are cheap to make and easy to assemble. And people of all ages will love them!

We’ve even thrown in some free printables to help keep down the cost. Just read on to find out what to do!

What you need

How to assemble your reindeer lollipop covers

  1. The first step of making reindeer lollipop covers is to download our free printable reindeer and cut them out. There are two per sheet so print as many as you need.

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 1

2. Next, cut out the nose as this is where the lollipop will poke through.

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 2

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 3

3. Once you’ve cut out the nose, fold the printable in half (but don’t stick anything down just yet).

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 4

4. Next, you’ll need to cut a small hole for the lollipop stick to go through. The easiest way to do this is to cut a small semi-circle along the folded edge.

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 5

Once this stage is done your reindeer lollipop covers should look like this – ready for you to put on a lollipop!

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 6

5. Your Christmas lollipop covers are almost done! All you need to do is insert the lollipop! Strawberry Chupa Chupps are best as they’re the same colour as Rudolph’s nose. Leave the wrapper on if you’re giving your reindeer lollipops as a gift.

Reindeer Lollipop Covers - Step 7

6. Use a small amount of glue or sticky tape to stick each side of the lollipop cover together and keep your lollipop in place. And that’s it! Your reindeer lollipop covers are finished!

Reindeer Lollipop Cover

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