15 Free Printable Pumpkin Stencils

Is it even Halloween until you’ve carved a pumpkin? It’s a wonderful tradition to do as a family and these printable pumpkin stencils are a great way to get some really spectacular designs.

Take a look and let your little ones choose the designs they’d like to see. Then, work together to create something spooky this Halloween! Skip to the end for a helpful how-to.

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Choose your favourite template

  1. Zombie

Free printable zombie pumpkin stencil

Let’s start with a nice easy one!

This zombie’s eyes are simple circles, with a few cuts around the edge to make them look just that little more undead. The mouth creates a somewhat surprised facial expression, but then if you’d just been turned into a zombie, that’s probably how you’d feel, too.

2. Snaggletooth Jack

Free printable Snaggletooth Jack Halloween pumpkin stencil

Here’s a real classic of the Halloween pumpkin world. We’re sure you recognise Snaggletooth Jack – he’s the sort of pumpkin you see in TV adverts every year!

With this quick and easy carving, it won’t take long to welcome him into your home, too.

3. Cat

Free printable cat Halloween pumpkin stencil

They say black cats give you bad luck at Halloween. Luckily, this one’s orange!

4. Unicorn

Free printable unicorn Halloween pumpkin stencil

Unicorn parties have been all the rage for a while now, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. So much so that our mystical friends are even appearing at Halloween parties! If your little one loves unicorns, they’ll definitely be a fan of this fairytale pumpkin design.

5. Day of the Dead

Free printable Day of the Dead Halloween stencil

In recent years, Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival has become part of Halloween celebrations around the world. This pumpkin recreates the stunning sugar skull make-up that’s a key element of any Day of the Dead costume.

This design might look a bit detailed, but don’t worry about those dots. Depending on how thick your pumpkin is, they can easily be made using a skewer, or even a chopstick.

6. Clown

Free printable Halloween clown pumpkin stencil

Clowns are such an important part of Halloween these days, it seems a shame not to continue this theme with your pumpkin carving.

Don’t be fooled by his cheeky smile, we all know that when it comes to Halloween, clowns are not to be trusted!

7. Bat

Free printable bat Halloween pumpkin stencil

If you’re after a simple pumpkin carving with no fiddly bits, this bat is the one for you. Is there any animal that says Halloween more than a bat? We certainly don’t think so – just be careful this one doesn’t turn into a vampire while your back’s turned!

8. Spider

Free printable spider Halloween pumpkin tutorial

If any creature can take the Bat’s number one spot, it’s a Spider. Spiders are, as we all know, one of the scariest animals you can find. With this carving, you can make some truly horrifying shadows dance across the walls, as the candlelight flickers behind your new eight-legged friend!


9. Ghost

Free printable ghost Halloween pumpkin stencil

When it comes to pumpkin carving, we ain’t afraid of no ghosts! This one seems pretty friendly anyway, and his cheeky little grin means he’s sure to be one of the most popular options for younger children.

10. Haunted House

Free printable haunted house Halloween pumpkin stencil

So far, we’ve focused on scary faces, but how about this horrifying haunted house? You know the sort- it’s probably on a big hill in the middle of a scary forest. We’ll let you create your own story around it – you just need to get the carving done first!

11. Wicked Witch

Free printable witch Halloween pumpkin stencil

Pointy hat? Check. Warty nose? Check. Wild hair and snaggle-toothed grin? Yep, all the ingredients of the classic Halloween witch are here in this simple yet effective pumpkin stencil!

12. Mummy

Free printable mummy Halloween pumpkin stencil

This clever design uses the light from your candle to highlight the bandages on this Halloween mummy. With this pumpkin, you really have got Halloween all wrapped up!

  1. Skull

Free printable skeleton Halloween pumpkin stencil

This spooky skeleton is another classic Halloween character that’d look right at home carved into your pumpkin. The flickering candlelight will even help to breathe some life into those old bones!

14. Cauldron

Free printable cauldron Halloween pumpkin stencil

We’ve covered witches, so cauldrons are the natural next step! Who knows what sort of mysterious potion is bubbling and brewing here – all we know is, it looks fiery hot!


15. Frankenstein

Free Frankenstein printable Halloween pumpkin stencil

Make your pumpkin come alive with this fun Frankenstein design. This grumpy chap looks just like the monster you’ve seen in the movies, right down to the bolts through his neck!

How to use your pumpkin stencils

Using a pumpkin carving stencil is easy, allowing you to carve an amazing pumpkin in just a few simple steps. Read on to find out what you need and what to do.

What you need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin stencil
  • Knife or pumpkin carving tool
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Pen
  • Tealights

1. Download and print your chosen pumpkin carving stencil from below and cut out the grey areas.

Pumpkin carving stencil half cut out

2. Next, pin the stencil to your already hollowed pumpkin. Use as many pins as you need to keep it in securely in place as this will make it easier to trace the design.

3. Once your stencil is pinned to your pumpkin, use a pen to draw on the design.

4. When you’ve finished drawing the design, remove the stencil and get carving! A stencil makes it much easier to carve an intricate design than free-styling! Only an adult should do this section of the process, and dedicated pumpkin carving tools are recommended.

Pumpkin carved out with a silly face

5. Once the carving is done, pop a tealight or LED candle inside your pumpkin, put the lid back on and pop it in the window to spook passers-by!

Show us your efforts

Of course, now that you’ve gone to all that effort, it’d be a shame not to show it off. Send us a snap of your pumpkin carvings on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll share our favourites!

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