Free Printable Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Printable outdoor Easter Egg hunt clues on a table with a selection of eggs and bunnies

It wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter egg hunt – but coming up with your own clues can be rather difficult.

So to give you a helping hand, we’ve made some free printable outdoor Easter egg hunt clues for you to download and print at home.

Simply download and print them at home, put them inside these fillable Easter eggs and let your Easter egg-stravaganza begin!

Download our free outdoor Easter egg hunt clues

Click the image or the button below to download your free rhyming Easter egg hunt clues.

Then cut them out, roll them up and put one inside each fillable egg. Just make sure that when you hide them, all the hiding places correspond to a clue!

A printable sheet of Easter egg hunt clues

White banner with writing saying Download Printables - click to download the outdoor Easter egg hunt clues

What else do you need for an outdoor Easter egg hunt?

Once you’ve downloaded our free outdoor Easter egg hunt clues, you’ll need a couple of other things to make your egg hunt a success. We’d recommend getting a selection of:

To make sure each child finds a decent number of eggs, we’d recommend hiding 7-10 eggs per child. And if you’ve got a mixture of ages and you’re worried about the older children finding all the eggs, you could send each child looking for different coloured eggs.

You could even make it harder by hiding some dummy eggs with no prizes inside!

Ready to start planning your own egg hunt? Head over to Party Delights to stock up on Easter egg hunt supplies and stay on the blog for essential tips on how to do an Easter egg hunt, DIY Easter Bunny crafts for the kids and the Swedish art of Easter tree decorating!