Free Printable I Spy Game for Kids

Free Printable I Spy Game

We’re halfway through the summer holidays and we know how it can be hard to find things to occupy the kids on these long summer days!

That’s why we’ve created these two free printable I Spy games. Play them at home or on holiday – all you need is our free printables, some crayons and a keen eye!

Free Printable I Spy Game

How to play

1. Click here to download our free printable I Spy games.

2. Decide whether you’re going to play individually or in teams.

3. Give each child or team one of our free printables.

4. Whoever spots the most items on the sheet wins!

There’s one I Spy game to play at the beach and one game to play at the zoo – choose whichever one you like but most importantly,  have fun and embrace a little friendly competition with this new twist on a classic car game!

How to Make I Spy More Competitive

If you’ve got slightly older children who relish a challenge, there are a few ways to make the game harder.

Play with a time limit

Play with a time limit to make the game instantly more exciting. The shorter the time limit, the harder the game will be and you could even introduce a prize or a forfeit for whoever wins or loses!

Award points for each item

Introduce an extra element of competition by allocating a certain number of points to each item – 1 point for items that are easy to spot and up to 5 points for the harder ones.

Whoever has the most points at the end of 15 minutes wins!

Free Printable I Spy Game

Other games to play with our free printables

Get creative and you’ll find loads of ways to make your own fun with our free printables! Here’s a few more to keep you going.

Seaside Memory Game

Test your kids’ memories on long car journeys by turning our I Spy printables into a memory game. Give the kids 5 minutes to memorise as many items on the sheet as they can before they turn the sheet over and write down as many things from the sheet as they can. Do this on a notepad or save paper by using the notepad app on your phone or tablet. Whoever remembers the most items wins and gets to pick the next game!

I went to the seaside and I saw…

All you’ll need for this game is a good memory and a good imagination!

Start the game with the first person saying the phrase ‘I went to the seaside and I saw…’ followed by something you’d see at the beach that begins with A.

The second person must then repeat everything the first person said followed by something you’d see at the beach beginning with B, and so on.

Play until you reach the end of the alphabet or someone forgets an item – in this case the game would start again!

Happy playing! If you’d like to browse more of our free printables, check out our printables section. And remember, all our printables are completely free so don’t forget to share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!