Free Printable Elephant Baby Shower Bunting

Free Printable Baby Shower Bunting

It doesn’t get much cuter than an elephant-themed baby shower!

And to help you keep down the cost of your party, we’ve made some adorable elephant baby shower bunting for you to download and print at home.

Choose from two different colours that match our Umbrellaphants party supplies perfectly, then simply print them out and assemble them at home. Download your free printables below and read our step-by-step instructions to find out how to put your bunting together.

Blue elephant baby shower bunting

Our blue elephant bunting goes perfectly with our blue Umbrellaphants party supplies – perfect for an elephant-themed baby shower. Use this colour on its own or mix and match it with some pink elephants for a cute pink and blue baby shower theme.

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Bunting


Pink elephant baby shower bunting

Our pink elephant bunting matches our adorable pink Umbrellaphants party range and you could use it to throw a very stylish pink and grey baby shower. Or, mix and match it with some blue elephants for a

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Bunting


How to assemble your printable baby shower bunting

Putting your free baby shower bunting together is really easy and can be done in advance to save time on the day of the party. Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose a colour and print out as many printables as you need (we’d recommend around 10 elephants per strip of bunting).
  2. Cut out your elephants and punch two holes in each one (where the white dots are).
  3. Cut a long strip of pink or blue ribbon.
  4. Thread your elephants onto the ribbon and if it’s too long, cut away any excess.
  5. Use blue tac or drawing pins to attach your bunting to the wall.

Ready to start planning your baby shower? Browse our full range of baby shower supplies or stay on the Party Delights blog for even more inspiration:



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