Free Printable Easter Bunny Bunting

Printable Easter Bunny Bunting

Planning an Easter celebration? Have a go at making our DIY Easter bunny bunting!

It’s cute as a bunny and an easy Easter craft for kids. And w’ve even provided free printables to help you keep the cost down.

Ready to get started? Let’s hop to it!

How to make Easter bunny bunting

What you need

What to do

Start by downloading our free Easter bunny printables and cut them out. There are six bunnies per sheet so download as many as you need to make as much Easter bunny bunting as you need!

DIY Easter Bunny Bunting - Step 1

Next, take a small piece of cotton wool…

DIY Easter Bunny Bunting - Step 3

…and roll it into a ball to make a bunny tail! Make sure you have one for each bunny.

DIY Easter Bunny Bunting - Step 4

Then put a small blob of PVA glue on each bunny where you want the tail to go and stick it on!

We’d recommend sticking the tails on the bunnies before you start assembling your Easter bunny bunting (it’s much easier this way).

Leave the glue to dry for a short while and then move onto the next step!

DIY Easter Bunny Bunting - Step 2

Once you’ve got a batch of bunnies, start assembling your DIY Easter bunting! Take a long piece of ribbon and stick the bunnies on a couple of inches apart. Use some cellotape if you need to – this will help keep your bunnies in place and no-one will see it on the back.

DIY Easter Bunny Bunting - Step 5

And that’s it – your printable Easter bunny bunting is ready for your Easter celebrations! Take a look at our whole range of Easter party supplies at Party Delights or stay on our blog for even more Easter party ideas!



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