Free Printable Baby Shower Charades Game

Free Printable Baby Shower Charades Game

Looking for a baby shower game that’s actually fun? Have a go of our printable baby shower charades game!

It’s completely free to download, which is perfect for anyone throwing a baby shower on a budget. And we’ve done all the hard work for you by coming up with lots baby shower charades words that are funny to act out.

Read on to download our free printable charades and find out how to play!

What you need

How to play baby shower charades

  1. Print out our free printable baby shower charades words.
  2. Cut out each word, roll it up and put it in a bowl.
  3. One by one, take it in turns to pick a word out of the bowl and mime it.
  4. Whoever guesses correctly goes next!

Baby Shower Charades Words

Printable Baby Shower Charades Words

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Baby shower charades rules

There are certain things you can’t do in a game of charades! Make sure you stick to these rules but most of all, have fun!

  • No words
  • No props
  • No pointing at objects in the room

As long as you stick to these three charades rules, you can act out your baby shower words however you want!

Baby Shower Charades

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