Free LEGO Party Printables

With the new LEGO movie being released tomorrow, we’ve created some ideas for you to throw your own fun filled LEGO party. We’ve got all bases covered with games to play, sweets, decorations and gingerbread men, all LEGO themed of course!

LEGO Gingerbread Men

LEGO Gingerbread Men

These are really simple to make and are the perfect size for kids.

What you need;

  • Mini gingerbread men from your local supermarket (we purchased a tub of 30)
  • Ready to Roll red, yellow and blue icing
  • Chocolate icing writer (or black if you can find it)
  • Flour (this is just for rolling the icing to make sure it doesn’t stick)

How to make them;

Just think of this as 4 simple steps; pants, shirt, head and then drawing on the face.

  1. Roll the blue icing out until you think it’s thin enough to apply to the gingerbread men (around 3 millimetres worked fine for us)
  2. Cut a rectangular shape out which will be large enough for the pants. Place this over the legs of the gingerbread man and then cut accordingly to fit.
  3. Repeat this process with the red icing for the shirt and yellow icing for the head.
  4. Scour a line in the middle of his legs for the pants and on his top for the arms.

Finally apply a face to your LEGO man and that’s it. We think this last bit could be a good game for the children to do; who can make the funniest face. You could leave your pre-made LEGO gingerbread men with no faces on your LEGO head plates (below), then when each child takes their seat they have an activity to get stuck into.

LEGO & Spoon Race

LEGO & Spoon Race

This is a great twist on a classic party game. Simply fill a bowl full of LEGO pieces and leave it at one end of the room or garden, then the kids must bring the LEGO pieces back to the start as quickly as possible using the spoon. The question being, do you take the LEGO pieces one at a time or do you risk filling the spoon and dropping them? Don’t forget that if you drop a piece you have to go back to the start!

LEGO Chocolate Men

LEGO Chocolate Sweets

For this we used a LEGO ice cube tray that we found online and simply melted some mint chocolate white candy buttons in a bowl in the microwave and then poured into the tray. We left this to cool in the fridge overnight but I’m sure that it would set after a few hours.

Get the templates and written instructions below for the party decorations;

LEGO Head Plates

LEGO Head Plate – We used yellow square plates as the main head.

LEGO Juice Boxes

Lego juice box printable

LEGO Cake Toppers

LEGO Cake Toppers – We used these red cases.

We’ll be posting up our own LEGO party photos next week to help you with inspiration and if you throw your own then we’d love to see your snaps.

We also got a bit carried away on our LEGO shoot and produced the below, Yoda taper candle-saber scene. We think it’s pretty cool anyway!

LEGO Party