Frankenstein Party Ideas

Frankenstein Party

He’s a mean, green Halloween favourite who makes a spooktacular party theme!

Take it from us, it couldn’t be easier to create this Frankenstein party. Once you’ve got all the basics (you’ll find a quick list of everything you need below), all you need to do is download and print our free printables and set up your party.

We’ve kept all our Frankenstein party ideas super easy – perfect for busy mums who don’t have bags of time for party planning!

Frankenstein Party

What you need:

Frankenstein Party

We used our simple green party supplies as the foundations of the party and spruced them up with our free printables. If you’ve got kids who don’t mind helping out, you can get the party prep done much faster by putting one in charge of cutting and one in charge of sticking! If you’ve got very young children, it’s safest to keep them away from the glue and scissors.

Frankenstein Bunting Assemble your Frankenstein bunting by punching a hole in each corner and threading some balloon ribbon through it. The trick to neat bunting is keeping your ribbon straight so you may need a few hands on deck for this one! Use it to decorate the walls and the front of your table.

Frankenstein Party - sweet boxes

Fill your Frankenstein cake boxes with whatever you like – cakes, sweets or other delicious Halloween treats! And to give your table a spooky touch, decorate it with a giant spider web and some mini spiders!

Frankenstein Party - Place Mats

Print as many place mats and cutlery stickers as you need for your party. All of our printables are completely free to download at the bottom of this post, making this an easy way to throw an impressive party on a budget!

Frankenstein Party - Sweet Cones

You might recognise our Frankenstein sweet cones from our Halloween sweet cones post. They’re best made with card to make them strong enough to hold plenty of treats – simply download however many Frankenstein sweet cone printables as you need, stick them onto pieces of card and cut them out.

Frankenstein Treat Bag You could even download our printable Halloween masks to treat your guests to a cool party accessory that they can wear as a costume. And whatever you do, don’t send your guests home without a Frankenstein-themed treat bag decorated with our Halloween treat labels and filled with all your favourite goodies!

Download our free Frankenstein printables

Frankenstein bunting 1

Frankenstein bunting 2

Frankenstein cupcake box

Frankenstein cutlery stickers

Frankenstein drinks carton

Frankenstein place mat

Frankenstein face (large)

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