Football Party Ideas

Football Party Ideas

Whether you’re planning your child’s birthday party or organising an end of season football tournament, our football party ideas will help you score lots of points with your guests!

From easy football decorating ideas to football-themed party food and free printable water bottle covers, we’ve got everything you need to kick off an awesome party. Read on for inspiration!

Setting up your football party

First things first, pick up all your party essentials! For a football party, we’d recommend sticking to a black, white and green colour scheme.

Start by laying the table with grass plastic tablecover like this or a white tablecloth with a fake grass table runner. Then for some football-themed partyware like these paper plates that look like a football. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll see your party theme coming together!

Football Party Supplies

Free football water bottle printables

Now you’ve got all your basic partyware, it’s time to start adding some unique touches to your football party!

We absolutely love these water bottle referees and they’re so easy to make with our free printables! Simply download our free water bottle printables and stick one round each bottle. Then hang a whistle round each bottle neck and your referee water bottles are ready!

Football Water Bottle Printables

More football party printables

Even your napkins can be on theme with these free football printables. Simply download our free printables and stick one on each tub to transform ordinary napkins into red and yellow cards!

Free Football Party Printables - Red and Yellow Cards

Football party food ideas

No soccer party would be complete without some football-themed party food – but a themed buffet doesn’t need to be overcomplicated.

Anything that matches your colour scheme or looks like a football goes – here are some simple suggestions.

Mini muffins

Ever noticed how chocolate chip muffins kind of look like footballs? Pick them up really cheaply from the supermarket and pop a cake topper like this in each one to keep it super on theme!

Football Cupcakes

Black and white popcorn boxes

Popcorn is a brilliant party snack and you can keep yours football-themed with black and white popcorn boxes like these. Put a popcorn box next to each place setting or leave a couple of boxes scattered around your buffet table for the kids to help themselves.

Football Party Popcorn Boxes

Chocolate footballs

And don’t forget chocolate footballs! The easiest of party snacks, scatter them across the table or give each guest a bag of chocolate footballs like this to take home as a party favour!

Chocolate Footballs

Football birthday cake

If you’re organising a football-themed birthday party, a football birthday cake is also a must! Either make this yourself using a round hemisphere cake tin or cheat like we did and buy one from the supermarket. 😉

Football Cake

Football party game ideas

Once your party and your buffet is set up, it’s time to plan some fun football party games to keep your guests entertained. We’ve got a whole blog post about football party games here but here are a couple of our favourites!

Football piñata

We love piñatas and you can get one to match practically any party theme! This trophy piñata makes a great centrepiece for any sports-themed party and your guests will have loads of fun trying to smash it open when it’s time to play!

We’d recommend filling it with lots of football-themed party bag fillers like chocolate footballs and football whistles.

Trophy Piñata

Balloon keepie-uppies

This game is perfect for young children – blow up a pack of football balloons and see who can do the most balloon keepie uppies in one minute!

If you’re throwing a football party for older children, see who can do the most with a real football!

Penalty shootout

This game can be played outdoors or indoors if you’re renting a hall for your party. All you need is some goalposts (real or makeshift will do) and a football.

Nominate one person to be the goalie and line everyone else up on the penalty line. One by one, each guest takes a penalty and if the goalie saves it, they’re out! Play until there’s only one person left in the game.

Trophies and medals for the winners

Don’t forget to have some prizes on hand for the winners of your games! Plastic trophies and medals like these would be perfect and if you give the winner of each game a medal, the person with the most medals at the end of the party can be crowned the grand champion!

Football Party Trophies and Medals

And there you have our best football party ideas! If you’re ready to kick off your own football-themed party, head over to Party Delights to pick up all your essential football party supplies. Or stay on our blog for even more party theme ideas: