Football Party Food Ideas

Football Party Food Ideas

Summer 2016 is all about football!

Euro 2016 kicks off on Friday 10th June and we’ve gone footy-mad with tonnes of football party food ideas!

So whether you’re planning a football-themed birthday party, celebrating Euro 2016 or throwing an end of season football party, read on for our favourite football-themed party snacks!

Football piñata cake

First up is this awesome football piñata cake! Piñata cakes are one of the latest party trends and we love how it’s been adapted for a football party!

If you’d like to have a go at making this yourself, you’ll find all the ingredients and instructions over on BBC Good Food.


Football cookies

Or how about a batch of football cookies? All you need is some round shortbread biscuits (shaped like footballs) and some white, green and black ready-to-roll icing. We particularly love how the lines of the football have been scored into each cookie!


If you’re feeling creative, you could even cover each cookie with white and green ready-to-roll icing and use some black writing icing to draw on some football designs. How about writing some football-themed phrases on each cookie like ‘score!’ and ‘it’s a goal!’


Football cupcakes

We love how the icing on these football cupcakes looks like grass! For this you’ll need a really thin hole at the end of your piping bag and a very steady hand.

Then finish off each cupcake with a football cake pop or a football cake topper!



You might not immediately associate Oreos with football party food but they match a green, black and white colour scheme perfectly. Plus, kids love them!

Stack yours up on a cake stand in the shape of a pyramid for an easy focal point for your buffet – then watch how quickly they disappear when the party starts!


Matching sweets

Finally, your football-themed party food won’t be complete without sweets that match your colour scheme! Pick up lots of green, black and white sweets like foil-covered chocolate balls, chocolate footballs and jelly beans and display them in plastic sweet jars like these.

Simple colour coordination will make your buffet table look like it was decorated by a professional, and you could even go the whole hog and set up a football-themed candy buffet!


Chocolate footballs

Or how about the easiest of all the football party snacks – chocolate footballs? Scatter them across your buffet table or give each guest a bag like this to take home as a party favour!

Chocolate Footballs

Water bottle referees

Finally, how about these water bottle referees? They really easy to make with our free printables and they’ll look fab on your buffet table.

Simply download our free printable water bottle labels, stick one on each bottle and hang a football whistle like this around the neck!

Football Water Bottle Printables

And there you have it – lots of party food ideas for a football birthday party! Visit Party Delights to browse our full range of football party supplies or stay on our blog for even more kids’ party ideas: