How to Throw a Fun Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party Ideas

Summer’s on its way, which can only mean one thing… plenty of barbecues and summer parties ahead!

And if you’re searching for the perfect summer party theme, how about a flamingo party? Our new Flamingo Fun party supplies are full of bright colours and perfect for barbecues and birthdays alike.

In fact, flamingoes are already hotting up to be this summer’s top party theme – read our flamingo party ideas for inspiration!

Setting up your flamingo themed party

Choose a colour scheme

A flamingo party should be incredibly colourful, so keep your colours bright and bold! Pink should be the main colour but it doesn’t have to be the only colour – try mixing and matching bright pink, yellow and green for a bright, multi-coloured look.

Flamingo Party Plates

A little flamboyancy is okay with this theme but add a couple of pastel colours into the mix to stop it going too over the top. Mix and match brightly patterned flamingo plates and cups like these with some plain-coloured tableware and decorations for a touch of stylish simplicity. How about some pink and yellow lanterns like these?

Flamingo Cups

Pick up your party essentials

Next up in our flamingo party ideas is all your party essentials like plates, cups, napkins and cutlery. This sounds boring but it doesn’t have to be – not with a flamingo party theme!

Our Flamingo Fun party supplies are a good place to start for all the tableware you need, and we LOVE wooden cutlery for this theme. It’s one of our favourite party trends of the year and you can pick up cute wooden cutlery with a tropical design that will fit your flamingo party perfectly.

Flamingo Wooden Cutlery

Get decorating!

The next stage of our flamingo party ideas is decorations! Since our flamingo party supplies are quite busy, we’d recommend keeping your room decorations fairly plain. Bright pink and yellow pom poms and lanterns would be perfect with some flamingo bunting, flamingo confetti and an inflatable flamingo like this to add some themed touches.

Flamingo Confetti

Flamingo party food ideas

Next up is party food! No flamingo party would be complete with a couple of themed party snacks so here are some easy suggestions for a flamingo party theme!

Flamingo cupcakes

These flamingo cupcakes are super easy to make! Simply ice your cupcakes with pink icing and top them with these Flamingo Fun cupcake toppers which have long legs like flamingos!

Flamingo Cupcakes

Pink macarons

Or how about pink macarons? Macarons are a rather stylish party snack so they’ll fit perfectly with a flamingo party theme that’s fun and sophisticated.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could have a go at making your own or you could just buy some from a supermarket or bakery.

Pink candy buffet

You could even set up a pink candy buffet. Your party theme will start looking rather busy if everything has a flamingo on it so keep your sweets simple and pink. Think pink bonbons, pink swirl lollipops, pink chocolates – basically anything pink! Take a look at our pink candy buffet range for inspiration and don’t forget your sweets, jars, bags and scoops!

Flamingo Ice Cream Tubs

Party games

Finally, complete your flamingo birthday party with some fun party games to keep your guests entertained! Here are a couple of good suggestions:

Flamingo ring toss

This is an easy party game to set up – simply blow up a couple of inflatable flamingoes and stand them at one side of the room. Then cut some large rings out of old cardboard boxes and give each guest three attempts to throw a ring onto a flamingo. Make this game harder by making them throw from further away.

Pink flamingo scavenger hunt

Or why not organise a flamingo-themed treasure hunt by hiding lots of pink objects around the house or garden. Give each guest a bag or basket and whoever finds the most pink objects within the time limit wins!

Flamingo hopping races

Flamingoes are known for standing on one leg for long periods of time, so why not have a hopping race? Or, have a competition to find out who can stand on one leg for the longest without wobbling or falling over!

Ready to start planning your flamingo birthday party? Visit Party Delights to pick up the Flamingo Fun party supplies featured in this post or stay on our blog for even more inspiring party ideas: