Festival Themed Party Ideas for Your Garden

Pink heart shaped umbrella

It wasn’t long ago that festivals were cancelled, so now they’re back, and we’re never taking them for granted again! Festivals are held close to the hearts of many, it’s an excuse to get down and dirty watching some of your favourite acts, or discovering new ones, and of course, the potential of day drinking. To celebrate festivals, we’re going to give you some ideas and inspiration on how to throw your very own back garden festival!

Festival Party Decorations

Everything starts with an entrance, whether it’s walking through the festival gates or making an entrance in your chosen wavy festival outfit! Getting the vibes right for your festival party is important and getting the festival decorations right is essential for first impressions. Our festival themed garden party is a happy mix of Glastonbury and Coachella, however, you may want to go for something different, whether it’s Leeds Fest or Burning Man!

Balloons and bunting filling a garden with festival cheer

For our version of Glasthomebury, we’ve used an eclectic mix of our most colourful, chilled summer partyware. A great place to start is with bunting, this will definitely set the mood and instantly add strings of colour! We’ve opted for pastel bright flag bunting, it’s up to you whether you use paper or plastic bunting, although checking the weather forecast first might be a good idea. 

Hanging lanterns, as well as fairy lights, are perfect for at home festivals! As well as adding a magical feel as the sun starts to go down, coloured lanterns (as above or found here) will add colour to your garden throughout the day as a cute decoration. We scattered honeycomb decorations across the grass for added vibes, the paper decorations look great without breaking the bank!

Now, let’s talk balloons. The opportunities are endless here, plus it’s your garden festival so you can decorate it as you like! Giant latex 36″ balloons will definitely make a statement and add to your larger than life festival party theme. However, if you want to go all in on your festival balloons, a balloon arch or garland would be perfect – choosing a balloon arch kit will also make life a LOT easier!

Festival Props and Spirit

Setting the tone for your garden festival will be important for creating that festival spirit! Why not kick off the event by providing attendees with wristbands or lanyard “tickets”? After all, you wouldn’t get to Glastonbury without one, so your garden party is no different! You can also specify that they have to wear festival clothing, like wellies, flowing dresses, shorts and ponchos. To make it more fun, you can even suggest fancy dress

 Novelty summer sunglasses spread out on a table with palm leaves

We loved the idea of having a small accessories area set up so that everyone can get into the mood and have some fun with it! Fill some cups or bowls with biodegradable glitter, tinsel wigs and novelty sunglasses so they can have a dress up and play. You even set up a photo booth, with festival backdrops and photo booth props – these 60’s Hippie props are perfect for a Woodstock festival theme!

Feeling Those Festival Grooves

What’s a festival without music? There are plenty of ways to get the festival spirit – why not ask your more talented friends to perform? Set up a small wooden pallet with a stool and acoustic guitar, and someone is bound to gravitate towards it! Getting some outdoor rugs around your makeshift stage is a good idea if people want to sit and listen, they’ll add a cosy look whilst protecting against any wet grass.

Acoustic guitar leaning against a white stool in front of balloons, bunting and a backdrop curtain

Alternatively, you can always rely on the trusty aux code and collated festival playlist. Ask your guests before the event for a small list of song requests so that you get a diverse mix of music with something for everyone. Just make sure you have a speaker that’s loud enough and has enough power to keep it going!

If this isn’t doing it for you, how about some karaoke or lip syncing to let you and your friends try out being the star? It’s your back garden festival!

Festival Food

We’ve probably all had some drastically varying levels of festival food! But there’s no need to recreate soggy chips and lukewarm burgers when you can have your own BBQ. Depending on your budget, either prepare a selection of BBQ food for your guests or ask them to bring their own – if you really want to go all out, a wood fired pizza is the perfect summer treat.

Alternatively, set up a table and buffet, or go down the sharing-is-caring route and do a potluck. Make sure you have plenty of paper plates, napkins, cups, paper straws and any other tableware you can think of!

Coconut cup with flowers laid out on a table with Hawaiian tableware and strawberries

Of course, you might want to have a few drinks as well. You could go for authenticity and only drink beers that have been warmed in the sun… Or you could enjoy your drinks from an ice-filled inflatable palm tree drinks cooler, a wheelbarrow or even a bucket. If you’re more of a festival cocktail drinking crowd, fill up pitchers with easy cocktails like mojitos or margaritas. We have everything for your cocktail needs that are perfect for a festival themed party, including coconut cups, cocktail picks and even beverage floats (Margs in the paddling pool anyone?).

Festival Garden Party Activities

Unlike your usual festival you won’t be spending hours getting between stages or having to wait in long queues for toilets and drinks – so what are you going to do with all that spare time?

How about a face paint tent/area? You might think this is more for kids, but adults will love it too! Of course, you can go with the classic animal faces but you can also create amazing festival looks with glitters, gels and face gems. Take turns creating your festival face paints and enjoy the process.

You could also recreate the Green Fields at Glastonbury with a crafting station, a meditation area and a mini stone circle. We’ve got loads of ideas for things you could craft, like these cute party decorations, fairy wands or decorations for balloons. If anyone you know has any special talents or crafting knowledge, why not get them to lead a session? It’s the perfect way to take a break from the party!


We hope you’ve been inspired by our festival themed party ideas! For more Summer party decorations you can visit our website here to find everything you need to have fun this season or for more Summer party ideas, check out our other blog posts: