Fantastic Mr Fox DIY Mask for World Book Day

World Book day is coming ever nearer. If  like us, you will be celebrating World Book day at school or at a local event, you may be looking for a fancy dress costume DIY based on one of your favourite novels. In our house Roald Dahl and Fantastic Mr Fox are a big hit… and it usually gets the big thumbs up from teachers too.

So we thought we would have a go at our very own Fantastic Mr Fox costume for World Book Day. The best bit about this costume is that you only really have to make a mask and then dress smartly… as Fantastic Mr Fox is indeed a smart fox. So this is a great dress up idea for kids who don’t like to dress up (if that makes sense!!) We have even created a printable to go with it to make life extra easy. Oh and did I mention that this was made from a cereal box? Yep? Super thrifty too!

how to make a fox mask from a cereal box


Fantastic Mr Fox Mask – Materials:

  • A cereal box (min A4 size)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String/ elastic
  • Paint
  • Printer (for printables)


Fantastic Mr Fox Mask – How To:

World Book Day Masks

Print out your printable and cut it out.

Cereal Box Masks for World Book Day

Trace your printable on your cereal box and cut out the pieces – a back, a front and some eyebrows (optional).

Make some holes in the BACK piece and add your elastic. You may want to add a little tape to secure the cardboard and avoid ripping.

Fox Mask Printable

Checking your printable, fold along the dotted line to shape the sides of the nose.

3D Fox Mask Craft

To shape the front of the nose, cut the two black slits and fold the nose in as per the photo.

3D Fox Mask Printable Craft

A hot glue gun is ideal for glueing everyhthing in place. If you don’t have one, you may want to use cloth pegs to help keep the different parts in place whilst your fox mask is drying.

Fantastic Mr Fox Fancy Dress idea

Now it is time to paint your fox mask.

DIY Fox Mask Craft for World Book Day

We started by painting some white across the bottom of the fox mask. Then we mixed red and yellow to get a vibrant fox coloured orange. We purposefully did not blend the yellow and orange fully to allow for the odd redder and odd yellow-ier brush strokes – this gives the fox mask a little texture!

Make a Fantastic Mr Fox Mask

Once dry, paint the nose black then dress handsomely and you are done! Enjoy your Fantastic Mr Fox dress up and have a fabulous World Book Day!!!



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