Everything You Need For Your Wimbledon-Themed Party

How to have a Wimbledon-themed party

Summer in Britain can mean only one thing. Well, okay, it can mean lots of things, but for sports fans, it’s Wimbledon time!

Everyone’s favourite tennis tournament is here and we want to help you make the most of it. We’ve served up a free printable bingo game that all the family can enjoy, as well as plenty of décor and refreshment ideas.

Read on and discover how to make sure your party is a real smash!

Play our free printable Wimbledon bingo game

Free printable Wimbledon-themed bingo game

You’ve all played bingo before, so hopefully this won’t take too much explaining.

Basically, we’ve given you six cards that you can download and print at home. Each card contains 12 different things you need to look out for while you’re enjoying the action on Centre Court. The first person to spot all 12 things on their card wins. Simple!

You can download and print your bingo cards using the button below.

We’ve also provided you with a handy key explaining when you can cross each item off your list, but if you’d rather just get started, feel free to skip ahead for more Wimbledon party ideas.

1. Ace

A nice easy one to start. If a player serves the ball and their opponent doesn’t touch it, that’s an ace.

2. Another TV show gets delayed

Sometimes a match takes longer than usual to finish, and Sue Barker will have to chip in to reassure non-tennis fans that Escape to the Country will be on a bit later. Their loss is your gain!

3. Break point

A player gets within one point of breaking their opponent’s serve.

4. British player knocked out

We all hope it won’t happen, but let’s face, it might. When it does, at least you’ll be one step closer to victory.

5. British player wins

Andy Murray (if he’s fit). Kyle Edmund. Johanna Konta. Heather Watson. Maybe even a new star we haven’t heard of yet. If a British player makes it through, that’s useful for you too.

6. Celebrity spotted in the crowd

Wimbledon certainly attracts its fair share of A-listers, but we’ll let you decide who counts as a ‘celebrity’.

7. Commentator calls player by their first name

You know that thing where the commentator talks about a player as though they’re best mates? Yeah. That.

8. Commentator mentions Centre Court roof

It may have been around for nine years, but that won’t stop someone mentioning the roof. Listen out!

9. Commentator mentions either of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon wins

Be honest, you’re still not over it either. If Murray’s on court, you can guarantee this will come up.

10. Commentator mentions the weather

Because this is Britain, and that’s what we do.

11. Correct challenge

A player disagrees with a line judge’s call, and it turns out they’re right. They get to feel smug, you get to cross another one off your list.

12. Deuce

40-40. You really should know this one, to be honest.

Wimbledon tennis ball balloons

13. Double fault

Two bad serves in a row gives you another square to cross off your bingo card.

14. Former champion spotted

This one will put your history knowledge to the test! You need any former men’s or ladies’ singles champion. They could be on court, in the commentary box or even in the crowd, so keep your eyes and ears open.

15. Incorrect challenge

A player disagrees with a line judge’s call and it turns out they’re wrong. While they take a moment to get over the embarrassment, you’ve got another square to cross off.

16. Player argues with umpire

A discussion between players and officials gets heated. It’s what we secretly all love to see.

17. Player fails to convert match point

Sometimes that final step can be the hardest.

18. Rain delay

It wouldn’t be Wimbledon without rain. When the covers go on, at least you can console yourself by crossing one more thing off your list.

19. Seeded player knocked out

There’s always a shock early on at Wimbledon. Keep your eye on the mens’ and ladies’ draw for those fallen giants.

20. Shot of Henman Hill

Or Murray Mound, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, if you see some tennis fans shouting on that hill next to Centre Court, that’s good news for you.

21. Shot of the London skyline

Because the cameraman has to look at something in between games.

22. Shot of the Royal Box

Which famous faces are taking in some tennis today? From your point of view, it doesn’t actually matter, as long as that TV camera is pointing at the Royal Box.

23. Tie break

When a set is stuck at 6-6, a tie break decides who wins it.

24. Umpire asks crowd to be quiet

The Wimbledon crowd can get a bit rowdy after a few jugs of Pimm’s. If they get too loud for the umpire’s liking, you can cross this one off your cards.

What else do you need for a Wimbledon party?

Put up some tennis-themed décor

Printable Wimbledon-themed bunting

Naturally, your Wimbledon décor will be a summery affair, and we’ve helped you out by creating some printable tennis-themed bunting that you can hang up in your living room.

If you’re feeling particularly patriotic, you can also invest in some Union Jack bunting or tableware to help you cheer on our home-grown talent!

Of course, if you’re cheering on a player of another nationality, you can pick up decorations for other countries’ flags in our shop too. And for a fun little touch why not make it a fancy dress party and ask everyone to dress up in Wimbledon whites?

Make sure your outfit is on-trend

Wimbledon fancy dress costume

Dressing up as a tennis player is an easy way to get involved in the festivities. After all, you just need a polo shirt and shorts. Remember that Wimbledon rules mean you have to wear white!

We’ll leave it to you to guess which Centre Court legend we’ve dressed up as here. If you want to get involved, you can buy that rather fetching wig today.


Our favourite Wimbledon party food ideas

Wimbledon is known for more than just tennis. It’s also the home of Pimm’s and strawberries and cream. Make sure you have plenty of this tempting trio available before the action gets underway, or put together some of these simple recipes.

Tennis ball shortbread

This is the perfect snack for Wimbledon – and it’s so easy to make!

Either buy or make a batch of shortbread and use some white writing icing to draw to lines on each one that will instantly transform it into a tennis ball!

Wimbledon Party Ideas - Tennis Ball Biscuits

Strawberries and cream

Our next Wimbledon party food idea is an absolute classic – strawberries and cream!

There’s no need for a recipe but pay attention to presentation to make this Wimbledon snack look extra special!

 Wimbledon Party Ideas - Strawberries and Cream


As far as Wimbledon goes, Pimm’s is just as important as the tennis! We’d recommend making a couple of pitchers a couple of hours before your Wimbledon party and leaving them in the fridge to give the fruit time to soak up the flavour of the Pimm’s.

And if you’re wondering what the right ratio of Pimm’s to lemonade is, here’s the perfect Pimm’s recipe:

  • 3 parts lemonade
  • 1 part Pimm’s
  • 1 slice of orange
  • 2 slices of cucumber
  • 1 sliced strawberry
  • A sprig of mint

Pimms for a Wimbledon Tennis Party


Keep the kids entertained

Strawberry piñata

Let’s face it, very few children want to sit quietly watching a tennis for up to two hours. However, that doesn’t they can’t be part of the Wimbledon fun!

This brightly-coloured strawberry piñata is just what you need to keep them entertained.

Enjoy your summer of sport

As well as the tennis, there’s also the small matter of the World Cup to enjoy!

How to Throw a World Cup Viewing Party