How to Throw the Ultimate Eurovision Party

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Turin Italy
Turin, Italy, January 2022: The flag of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 logo waving in the wind with blurred landscape of Turin city. The 2022 edition will take place in Italy from 10 to 14 May

The Eurovision Song Contest comes but once a year and it’s a great excuse for a party if you ever needed one! In this article, we’ve gathered loads of Eurovision party ideas to help you get your party started and guarantee yourself a great night that’s as weird and wonderful as the acts themselves.

The Eurovision finale 2022 is on Saturday the 14th of May, so now’s the time to start organising your party! Keep reading for party game ideas, Eurovision decoration tips and even some costume suggestions thrown in!

Eurovision Party Decorations

Every party, Eurovision themed or otherwise, needs to start with decorations. A good tip for this kind of event is to not overcomplicate things, flags are simple yet effective décor for international events like Eurovision and the World Cup. Flag bunting or larger flags are perfect for decorating the room or outside area where your party will be!

Rather than the more obvious international flags, you could opt for paper decorations in the colours of the country you’re supporting around the room where you’ll be watching the show. You could theme your decorations around the country you’re rooting for or have a combination of European flags – the choice is yours. Just make sure you rearrange your chairs so everyone can see the TV!

There’s no such thing as being extra when it comes to Eurovision, so get some props involved! Things like inflatable giant microphones or inflatable instruments, like guitars, are a fun party prop for everyone. You could even set up a photobooth station, complete with photobooth props from fake moustaches to chalk signs, these often go down a treat with party guests.

Eurovision Fancy Dress

A Eurovision party can never be too over the top, so why not ask everyone to come in fancy dress?

If you’re supporting the UK, this familiar Union Jack dress costume will add some Girl Power to your party! Alternatively, you could dress up as a previous winner like ABBA, which is also great for a group costume idea. Another idea is to give each guest a participating country to come dressed as. For example, if you get Germany, think lederhosen, a beret for France and even the Queen if you get the UK.

Check out our blog post on Eurovision costume ideas for even more inspiration.

Eurovision party food

When it comes to Eurovision party food ideas, a European-themed buffet will definitely be a hit. Choose a selection of foods from the countries taking part, here are a few ideas to start you off:

  • Pizza for Italy
  • Draniki for Belarus
  • Pea soup for Finland
  • Paella for Spain (or sangria for adults)
  • Bratwurst for Germany
  • Open sandwiches, or smørrebrød, for Denmark
  • Meatballs for Sweden
  • Hummus and pita for Turkey
  • Casserole for Ireland (and Guinness)

When planning your party food, remember to make sure everyone is included. For example, consider people who are gluten-free or vegan, many recipes can also be made plant-based with a few tweaks to the recipe!

Funny party games

The final part of your Eurovision party planning is the games! Eurovision, though we’re here for it, can be a pretty long show once it gets going (around 40 countries usually take part, not to mention all those who didn’t take part but will still be voting) so some fun party games can keep things lively.

There are absolutely loads of Eurovision party games you can play but here are a couple of our favourites:

  • Eurovision bingo – Fill out each box with things you expect to see on the show, for example, Graham Norton makes fun of a country’s song, someone gets ‘nil points’, someone says “thank you Europe”, a wind machine is used… The list is potentially endless!
  • Eurovision sweepstake – write the name of each country on little pieces of paper, pay a pound to pick one out and the winner takes all!
  • Eurovision drinking games – These are particularly popular with the student crowd and can be played along the same lines as the bingo – just remember to take it slow as it’s a very long show!

Now you’ve got all the inspiration you need to throw an amazing Eurovision party, head over to Party Delights to get your Eurovision supplies or stay on our blog for even more Eurovision party ideas: