Eurovision Party Food Ideas

Eurovision Party Food Ideas

So you’ve decided to host a Eurovision party, chosen your fancy dress costumes and planned some fun party games… Now it’s time to turn your attention to Eurovision party food!

Buffet food works brilliantly for a Eurovision party as it lets you mix and match lots of different foods from all over Europe. Think cheese from France, pizza from Italy, stew and Guinness from Ireland… the possibilities are endless!

For help getting started planning your Eurovision-themed buffet, take a look at our best European food ideas for inspiration.

Eurovision party food ideas from each country

UK – Buck’s Fizz, Yorkshire puddings, jam tarts, mini apple pies

Ireland – Guinness, Irish stew, potatoes

France – Wine and cheese (Brie, Camembert, Gruyère), baguette, pâté, ratatouille, quiche

Germany – Beer, bratwurst, Black Forest gâteau

Spain – Paella, sangria, olives, tapas, alioli dip

Italy – Pizza, pasta, bruschetta, ice cream

Denmark – Danish pastries

Sweden – Swedish meatballs (this year’s contest is in Stockholm so something from Sweden is a must!)

Russia – Borsh, vodka, blinis with smoked salmon and sour cream

Ukraine – Chicken Kiev (Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine)

Belgium – Waffles, Belgian chocolates, French fries

Greece – Feta cheese, Greek salad, moussaka

Cyprus – Halloumi cheese

Switzerland – Cheese or chocolate fondu, Swiss roll

Decorating your buffet table for Eurovision

Once you’ve chosen the food for your Eurovision buffet, don’t forget to decorate your buffet table! Make flags the theme with tablecloths, plates, balloons and bunting featuring the flags of the countries that are taking part. We’ve got lots of suitable decorations in our range of international party supplies – take a look here.

Love the Eurovision Song Contest or hate it, now you’ve got all the inspiration you need to make themed party food for Eurovision! Stay on the Party Delights blog for even more Eurovision ideas, including:



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