Emoji Balloons Photo Booth Fun

Emoji Party Photo Booth Fun

Our new emoji balloons have arrived and we’ve been having so much fun playing with them!

Setting up a photo booth is one of our favourite things to do and emoji balloons lend themselves to hundreds of fab photo opportunities!

Whether you’re planning your wedding or a birthday party, take a look at our emoji balloons photo shoot for inspiration.

Setting up an emoji photo booth

What you need

  • Selection of emoji balloons
  • Colourful background or scene setter
  • Decorations
  • A camera and a photographer!

Setting up a photo booth is super simple – first things first, you need to pick a corner of your party venue that can act as a photo booth. Look for somewhere that’s already painted a nice colour or has enough space to hang a scene setter. Keep it simple for an ultra-professional look!

Heart Eyes Emoji Balloon

Once your photo booth corner has been chosen and you’ve put up your decorations, it’s time to start taking photos!

Nominate one person to be the photographer for the night (or take it in turns!) and capture your guests striking their best poses with their favourite emojis!

Winking Face Emoji Balloon

Take photos individually or in groups and remember, the sillier the better! Just have fun!

Kissing Heart Emoji Balloon

And once you’re done, you’ll have loads of fun photos to look back at and remember your party!

Blushing Face Emoji Balloon

Love our new emoji balloons as much as we do? Pick them up here!



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