Easy Zombie Nurse Costume for Halloween


Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? How about going as a zombie nurse?

This easy costume idea is gruesome, gory and cheap to put together. You won’t need to buy everything either – can even use make-up products that you already have at home to create this look. Read on to find out what to do!

How to put together an easy zombie nurse costume


First things first, get the right dress! We went for this great value zombie nurse costume that includes a tattered and blood-stained white uniform and a matching headpiece.

Zombie Nurse Costume


Next, make yourself look gruesome with zombie make-up! For the most part, you can use products you’ll already find in your make-up bag but you’ll need to invest in some white face paint like this to give your face a deathly pale look. Apply lots of black eye shadow around the eyes, then finish off the look with deep red lipstick and plenty of fake blood!

Zombie Nurse Costume for Women


Last but not least, finish off your zombie nurse Halloween costume with some accessories! We went for a plastic meat cleaver and some blood-stained stockings to complete this gory look!

Women's Zombie Nurse Costume

Want to go as a zombie nurse this Halloween? Pick up everything we used to create this look here or stay on our blog for even more Halloween costume ideas!



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