Easy Skeleton Make-Up Tutorial

Easy Skeleton Make-Up Tutorial

Take your skeleton costume to the next level with our easy skeleton make-up tutorial!

This impressive half-skull skeleton face paint design is the perfect mixture of spooky and stylish, and really easy to re-create at home using basic face paints and glitter.

Watch our YouTube tutorial for the complete step-by-step tutorial below and complete the look with this glamorous skeleton jumpsuit!

Skeleton Costume & Half-Skull Make-Up

Ste-by-step skeleton make-up tutorial

Doing an impressive skeleton face paint design is much easier than it looks – even for beginners! The trick is to mark out which areas you want to paint black and white (rather than just winging it!) Watch our full step-by-step tutorial below or read on for a full list of what you need!

What you’ll need to create this look

Make-up products
Costume accessories

What to do

  1. Start off with glittery eye make-up and glittery lipstick.
  2. Draw a line along your cheekbones to mark where the skeleton face paint will start.
  3. Paint the end of your nose black.
  4. Paint the bottom half of your face white.
  5. Outline the area of the cheekbone that you want to paint black.
  6. Draw lines across the lips to give the appearance of teeth.
  7. Finish filling in the cheekbones with black face paint.
  8. Smudge the face paint along the teeth.
  9. Draw bone lines on the cheeks.
  10. Now to add some sparkle! Add purple glitter to the cheeks and under the eyes.
  11. Finally, use lash glue to stick on some gems and finish the costume with a skeleton jumpsuit and a wig!

Want to recreate this look? Find everything we used at Party Delights or stay on our blog for even more Halloween costume ideas!



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