Easy & Quick DIY Advent Calendar – 4 in 1

Quick & Easy DIY Advent Calendar

The Christmas season is upon us, there are cards to be written, gifts to bought and very importantly (of course) ADVENT CALENDARS to be made or purchased (hey, we are busy, we totally get you can’t make EVERYTHING). For those of us who DO like that personal touch or who like to choose their own trinkets to add into their advent calendars, here is a super simple idea that is quick to put together and can be displayed in 4 different ways – get all the bits you need once and then re-use the same idea year on year.

The wonderful thing about homemade advent calendars is that you choose what to put in. Also, you can make it 100% age appropriate – make one for your partner, a friend or kids in your life! Our favourite ideas include:

  • Adding notes of activities (e.g. today we will sing a song, or go to the park or make popcorn)
  • Adding your own LEGO or Playmobil set (never mind the expensive calendars you can purchase – make your own)
  • Keep it simple with a lots of chocolate coins or cute reindeer sweets
  • The romantic in me loves the idea of using an advent calendar to make a proposal… 24th Dec to include a diamond ring?!?!
  • Fill with traditional party bag goodies that the kids will love – e.g rubbers, sharpeners, necklaces, mini bubbles, treats
  • Make your own – e.g. make some upcycled crayon hearts or stars, or make your own set of stamps

For our simple DIY advent calendar you will need:

Simple DIY Advent Calendar - Organza bags

  • 24 organza bags (we used the mini ones, but you can choose varying sizes). Note: Our organza bags come in packs of 10, so you will need 3 packs!
  • Some matching tissue paper (we went for red tissue paper – one pack is plenty!)
  • Trinkets and chocolates (e.g. bubbles always go down well, as does this party bag jewellery)
  • Optional – star or dot stickers to add numbers to your bags
  • Something to display it – a basket, glass bowl, twigs, decorative pegs & string

Organza Bag Advent Calendar Idea

1) I cut the tissue paper into 24 smaller sheets (cut 3 sheets into 6 pieces), then you can rap quickly and easily.

Simple Advent Calendar Idea

2) Wrap each item, so you can’t see what it is. You don’t have to do this too neatly, you can’t see the gift properly, and don’t worry about taping it down).

Quick Advent Calendar

3) Pop into your bag and done.

DIY Advent Ideas

4) Repeat repeat repeat x 24.

Now all you need to decide is how you would like to display your organza bags….

Advent Calendar Ideas to do easily

In a glass bowl?

Simple Organza Bag advent calendar

In a small basket?

Advent ideas to do yourself

Hanging from a washing line against the wall or stair case?

Advent tree

Or re-using your Halloween tree as an Advent tree?

Lots of options! Enjoy!

Want more advent calendar ideas? Check out the wide and varied collection over on Red Ted Art!



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