Easy Paw Patrol Napkin Folding

Easy Paw Patrol Napkin Folding

Throwing a Paw Patrol party? Put a unique touch on your party décor with this easy napkin folding idea!

It only takes a minute or two to do each one and the end result is super cute. Not to mention we’ve thrown in some free printables to keep this party idea cheap and cheerful. Read on to find out what to do!

What you need

What to do

Step 1

Download our free printable bones and cut out as many as you need.

Paw Patrol Napkins Step 1

Step 2

Take a red napkin and fold it twice to make it long and narrow.

Paw Patrol Napkins Step 2

Paw Patrol Napkins Step 3

Step 3

Take one of the bones and punch two holes in the middle, about 1cm apart.

Paw Patrol Napkins Step 4

Step 4

Cut a piece of balloon ribbon, thread it through the holes in the bone and tie it around the napkin.

Paw Patrol Napkins Step 5

Step 5

Thread your cutlery under the bone and your Paw Patrol napkin fold is finished!

Paw Patrol Napkins Step 6