Easy Office Fundraising Ideas

Easy Office Fundraising Ideas for Red Nose Day 2017

Organising an office fundraiser?

Whether you’re clubbing together to raise money for Red Nose Day, Children in Need or some other good cause, read our office fundraising ideas for loads of easy ways to raise money at work.

Office bake sale/bake off

Let’s start with our favourite work fundraising idea – an office bake sale!

Cake always goes down a treat and if you’re a competitive bunch, you could award a small prize for the best one. Then sell off the cakes for £1 a slice!

Auction of promises

Another fun office fundraising idea is an auction of promises. Ask everyone in the office to “donate” something they promise to do, then start the bidding!

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Cups of tea for a week
  • Homemade packed lunch
  • Homemade cake
  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking
  • A free lift
  • Language lesson
  • Lawn mowing

Beard shaving

Ask for a couple of volunteers to shave off their beards in aid of a good cause. You could set a minimum amount of money to raise before they’ll shave their beards off as an extra incentive to donate.

Lunchtime film screening

Do something different at lunchtime by putting on a film screening in an empty meeting room. Charge £3 a ticket and provide some popcorn. It’ll make a change to eating a sandwich at your desk!

Dress down day

This office fundraising idea is a guaranteed crowd pleaser – simply ask everyone to pay £1 to wear casual clothes to work instead of their usual office wear.

Raffle for an extra day’s holiday

Forget rubbish raffle prizes that no one wants – you can raise loads of money by raffling off an extra day of annual leave! We guarantee everyone will want this prize!


A sweepstake is a really easy office fundraising idea – it causes minimal disruption and everyone can take part. Fill a jar with sweets and ask everyone to pay £1 to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Whoever guesses closest wins the sweets – just remember to count them in advance!

Tuck shop

How about setting up a tuck shop as an afternoon treat? Buy a couple of tubs of penny sweets and charge people a £1 a bag.

Walk/cycle to work

Raise money and keep fit at the same time by swapping your usual commute for a walk or cycle.

Lunchtime run

Like to keep fit? Organise a lunchtime 5k and get the rest of the office to sponsor you!

Planking competition

Place bets on who can plank for the longest – a quarter of the money raised goes to the winner and the rest goes to charity!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your office fundraiser! And if not, stay on our blog for even more fundraising ideas:



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