Easy Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial

Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial

Christmas party season is masquerade ball season!

And if you’re already planning your outfit, we’re here with an easy masquerade make-up tutorial to help you get the right look!

We’ve teamed up with Instagrammer Justyna Pikor to teach you how to do a colourful masquerade make-up design that matches your mask – which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wear their masquerade mask all night. Read on to find out what to do!

How to do masquerade make-up

What you need

  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eyeliner
  • Make-up tape
  • Masquerade mask
  • Sequins/gems

What to do

Start off your usual base layer of make-up and then take an eye shadow palette with a selection of colours that match your mask.

Masquerade Make-Up 2

Next, take some thin make-up tape and stick it in place at a 45 degree angle to your eyelid.

Masquerade Make-Up 3

Then start building up the eye shadow colours – we went with metallic blue, purple, turquoise and gold!

Masquerade Make-Up 1

Next, use some lash glue to stick a couple of gems or sequins under your eyes.

Masquerade Make-Up 9

Then complete the look with false lashes!

Masquerade Make-Up 10

See how the colours match the mask!

Masquerade Make-Up 7

This is the perfect masquerade mask for anyone worried about smudging their make-up. It’s attached to a stick so you can hold it up for photo opportunities without ruining your make-up!

Feather Masquerade Mask

And when it’s time to eat, drink or dance, you can put the mask down to reveal your beautiful masquerade eye make-up!

Masquerade Make-Up 5

Ready to start planning your own masquerade party? Check out our full range of masquerade masks or stay on our blog for more inspiration!