Easy Homemade Cruella de Vil Costume

DIY Cruella de Vil Costume

Now it’s even easier to dress up as one of Disney’s most evil villains with our easy homemade Cruella de Vil costume!

This cheap Halloween costume idea combines simple fancy dress accessories with items you already have at home to help you put together an impressive costume on a small budget!

Read on for the full DIY tutorial!

Cruella de Vil costume essentials

Putting your DIY Cruella de Vil Halloween costume together!

This is the perfect Halloween costume for anyone who doesn’t have much time to get ready!

Start by applying your usual make-up but glamming it up a bit (red lipstick, darker eye make-up, etc). Then get changed into a black dress with fishnet tights (the beauty of this costume is you can use a dress that you already own – no need to buy one).

Homemade Cruella de Vil Costume

Then all that’s left is to add accessories! Start with a Cruella de Vil accessory kit, which includes the wig, red gloves and cigarette holder (a wig cap will make it easier to keep your hair in place under the wig but this is optional). Then add a feather boa, an inflatable dalmatian puppy and plenty of attitude!!

If  you’ve got a little girl who wants to be your mini-me, we also have an instant Cruel de Vil costume for kids, or dress the kids up in this adorable Dalmatian costume!

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