Easy DIY Easter Bunny Party Bags

Easter Bunny Party Bags

Planning your Easter celebrations? Have a go at making these cute Easter bunny party bags!

They’re super easy to make with plain paper bags and our free Easter bunny printables. Just follow our step-by-step tutorial to find out what to do!

What you need

What to do

Start with some plain paper bags – we chose these robin’s egg blue bags to match our Lovely Easter party supplies but any springtime colour will do. How about yellow or pastel pink?

Easter Bunny Party Bags Step 1

Next, fill your paper bags with Easter-themed treats. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Then start assembling your party bags! The first step is to make a fold halfway down the bag.

Easter Bunny Party Bags Step 2

Next, fold in each corner to make a point.

Easter Bunny Party Bags Step 3

And stick it down with a piece of cellotape like this (don’t worry if it looks a bit messy, the cellotape will be hidden by the printable Easter bunny).

Easter Bunny Party Bags Step 4

Now to decorate your Easter bunny party bags! Print out our free printable Easter bunnies and stick one on each party bag. Mix and match blue and pink bunnies so each bag looks slightly different!

Easter Bunny Party Bags Step 5

Finally, add the finishing touches by sticking a cotton wool ball for a tail on each bunny. Doesn’t it look cute? And it’s such an easy Easter party idea!

Easter Bunny Party Bags Step 6

And voilà! Your Easter bunny party bags are finished and ready for your Easter celebrations!

DIY Easter Bunny Party Bags

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