Easy Devil Makeup Ideas and Costumes

Easy Devil Costume Ideas

If you’re after an easy Halloween costume, then the devil is your man.

A devil costume is really easy to put together with some cheap costume accessories and a couple of things you already have lying around at home. And it’s really easy to make it look good without loads of effort.

So to give you a helping hand, today we’ve put together our best devil costume ideas from our great range of Halloween fancy dress. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween outfit for yourself or your child, get ready to dance with the devil and start making the easiest costume of the year!

Devil Costume Ideas

Sexy Devil

Start your simple devil costume with some red clothing – this really is a must. If you’re struggling, mix and match a red top with black pants or a skirt – this will work too.

And if you don’t own anything red at all, you can pick up a devil dress like this quite cheaply online.

Woman with dark hair wearing a sexy red devil costume with a corset, horns on her head and thigh high stockings


Diablo Costume

For the men, we have this incredibly dapper diablo outfit – because if the devil isn’t well-dressed then what’s the point? This piece comes with a flaming cape, extra long fingered gloves and a silky blood red shirt.

Man in Diablo costume with cape, long gloves and red shirt


For a much more simple approach, you could simply jazz up a black or red dress with our sexy devil accessories kit.

L’il Devil

Adorable baby wearing a red devil costume with tail, wings and a hood with devil horns

If you’re dressing up with kids this year, you can make a whole family of devils with this super adorable devil boy costume! This one-piece costume with all the trimmings means you won’t need to be hyper vigilant for their removing items.

Easy Devil Face Paint Tutorial

Finally, complete your easy devil costume with some devilish make up in the style of the flames of hell.

This really easy face paint design only takes a couple of minutes to do and if you watch the handy video tutorial below, our professional face painter Ashlea Henson will guide you through it step-by-step with tips and tricks thrown in along the way.