Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults + Printable Clues

Printed Easter Egg Hunt clues on a table with a small Easter tree, bunnies and eggs

Who said Easter egg hunts are just for kids?! If you’re a grown-up who wishes they were still young enough to go egg hunting, your years of watching enviously from the sidelines are over!

Today we’ve put together our Easter egg hunt ideas for adults – they still include all the best elements of an egg hunt that you loved as a kid but the clues are harder and the prizes are more grown-up. (But don’t worry, there are still plenty of chocolate eggs!)

How to plan an Easter egg hunt for adults

Pick up some fillable eggs

Fillable eggs are an egg hunt essential! We’d recommend picking up a couple of packs like this (how many you need depends on how many people are taking part). Make sure you’ve got enough for everyone to find a couple of prizes.

Choose a selection of adult Easter egg hunt prizes

Next, choose some grown-up prizes to fill the eggs with! It goes without saying that chocolate eggs are a must – but you could also add some more grown-up prizes like money and lottery tickets!

If you want to make the egg hunt a bit more competitive, you could even leave a couple of eggs empty as a trick!

Easter egg hunt clues cut out and on a table with plastic fillable Easter eggs


Download our free printable Easter egg hunt clues

Now to set up your egg hunt! For a grown-up Easter egg hunt it’s important to make sure the hiding places are harder than usual. One way to do it is to download our free printable Easter egg hunt clues. The letters of each hiding place are scrambled so the egg hunters will have to decipher the clue before they find the egg!

White banner with writing saying Download Printables - click to download the outdoor Easter egg hunt clues

Our free printable include the answers to the clues so whoever’s hiding the eggs knows where to put them!

Once you’ve cut them out, hide each one in its correct spot with a fillable egg.

Finally, let the egg hunt begin!

Hunt in teams or individually and if you want to make the hunt harder or more competitive, here are a few ideas:

  • Set a time limit
  • Hide some empty eggs
  • Play in pairs – one person is blindfolded and the other has to guide them to the eggs
  • Don’t hide loads of eggs – make them highly sought-after!

Adult Easter egg hunt clues coming out of a shoe


Ready to plan your own Easter egg hunt? Pick up everything you need from our range of Easter supplies or stay on our blog for inspiration on Easter Egg hunts for kids