DIY Unicorn Party Bags

DIY Unicorn Party Bags

Give ordinary party bags the wow factor with our free unicorn printables!

An easy way to give plain paper bags a magical makeover, your guests will be made up to receive these beautiful unicorn party bags that take two minutes to make!

Read on for your free download!

How to make your own unicorn party bags

What you need

DIY Unicorn Party Bags - What You Need

What to do

Start by choosing the main colour for your paper party bags. Pink or silver is our favourite but if you’re planning to make quite a few party bags, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one colour! Choose both!

Silver Unicorn Party Bag

Pink Unicorn Party Bag

Then all you need to do is cut out the printables, and stick a horn and eyelashes onto each bag!

Silver Unicorn Party Bags

You could make each unicorn party bag a little fancier by stuffing some tissue paper into the top of the bag but this is totally up to you!

Pink Unicorn Party Bags

Let us know if you have a go at making our DIY unicorn party bags – we’d love to see your photos! Tag @partydelightsuk on Instagram and we’ll re-post the best pictures!

And if you’d like more inspiration for a unicorn party, stay on our blog!

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