DIY Tutorial: Jam Jar Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations - Jam Jar Lanterns

If time’s running away with you this year, we’ve got some awesome last-minute Halloween decorations for you to make with things that are already lying around the house.

Raid your recycling bin for old jars, wash them out and follow our simple steps to transform them into these amazing Halloween decorations. Pop in a candle and turn off the lights for an instantly spooky atmosphere!

Halloween Decorations - Jam Jar Lanterns

What you need:

  • A selection of old jars (a variety of shapes and sizes works best)
  • Different coloured tissue paper
  • Black card
  • PVA glue
  • Ribbon
  • Googly eyes
  • LED or wax candles

What to do:

Making these Halloween decorations can be as easy as you like. Stick to simple designs if you’re pushed for time but if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous you can go for something more elaborate!

First things first, apply a layer of papier maché on the outside of each jam jar. Do this by tearing up small strips of tissue paper in your chosen colour and pasting them onto the glass jar with PVA glue. Apply enough papier maché to cover the jar but not so much that light will not be able to shine through.

Halloween Decorations - Jam Jar Lanterns

Next, use scissors or a craft knife to cut a spooky design out of black card. Copy one of our designs or create your own! Then stick it to your jam jar with PVA glue; applying an extra layer of glue over the whole thing to give it a nice finish.

Finally, pop in a candle and watch your lanterns glow! We’d recommend LED candles for safety but ordinary candles work just as well. Just remember to never leave an open flame unattended.

Halloween Decorations - Jam Jar Lanterns

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