Create Your Own DIY Purge Costume This Halloween

DIY The Purge Costume for Halloween

This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing that this Halloween, we’re going to help you create a terrifying costume based on your favourite horror movie franchise; The Purge!

Pulling together a DIY Purge outfit is quick and easy, so it’s perfect if you need something last minute. With the second series of the TV show landing on Amazon Prime Video in October, and a fifth film set to finish off the story in 2020, your Purge costume will be instantly recognisable to any horror fan.

What do you need?

The most important part of any Purge costume is definitely the mask. The films are full of creepy faces, so you need one of your own.

Everyone has their own favourite film, moment or character from The Purge, and chances are you can find a mask that matches what you’re after. Take this terrifying ‘Kiss Me’ mask, for example!

Women's The Purge costume with 'Kiss Me' mask and fake gun

Want to add an extra layer of spectacle to your Purge performance? Try a light-up LED mask to really freak out your fellow party guests!

The Purge LED light-up mask

You can also keep it simple with a classic evil grin. Pair this one with a suit to transform yourself into the Polite Leader – fancy dress doesn’t get much easier than that!

In fact, that’s what so great about a Purge outfit. Once you’ve got that mask, you can pretty much wear what you like! Many of the characters in the film and TV series actually dress quite normally considering the chaos around them, so if you do have a favourite villain, it shouldn’t be too difficult to cobble together a fairly close version of what they wear.

Choose your weapon

The Purge is a rule-free zone. That’s sort of the point, really. Once you’ve got your outfit together, the last thing you need to do is accessorise your costume with a fake weapon or two. Just play nicely, okay?

The Purge Halloween costume with mask and fake machete

What is The Purge?

Created by James DeMonaco, The Purge is one of the biggest horror film franchises of the last ten years.

The idea is a simple one. Set in the not-too-distant future, a new US government has decided to address issues such as crime and unemployment by allowing an annual ‘purge’. For 12 hours, all crime is legal. It’s every man for himself. The results are predictably gory.

The first film in 2013 was a box office hit. We’ve also had two sequels, 2014’s Anarchy and 2016’s politically charged Election Year, and a sequel, 2018’s The First Purge. For those who just can’t get enough, there’s also a TV series on Amazon.

When is the next Purge film out?

The fifth and final Purge film is set to hit cinemas in July 2020. The title hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there’s talk it might be a heist movie, which would be exciting, wouldn’t it?

When is the next series of the Purge TV show?

The second series is ready for you to enjoy in October 2019 – just in time for Halloween! You can check out the trailer here.

Looking for more easy outfit ideas? Try these cheap Halloween fancy dress options and see if anything jumps out at you.



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