DIY Mr Messy Costume

DIY Mr Messy Costume for World Book Day

Do you need a World Book Day costume for your child, and quick?

Luckily for you, this DIY Mr Messy costume is the ultimate last-minute World Book Day costume! It takes less than 10 minutes to throw together, you’ll already have all the materials at home and it doesn’t even need to look neat!

Read on for inspiration and if you’ve got a little more time to plan your child’s costume, check out our full range of World Book Day fancy dress.

How to make a Mr Messy costume

What you need

DIY Mr Messy Costume - What You Need

What to do

This DIY Mr Messy costume is so easy to make, it barely needs an explanation!

Start with an old white t-shirt and lay it out flat on a table. (It’s worth putting some newspaper underneath the t-shirt to make sure the pen/fabric paint doesn’t mark the surface underneath).

DIY Mr Messy Costume - Step 1

Then get scribbling! Draw a big round blob of pink scribble for Mr Messy’s body and leave some space at the sides and the bottom to scribble on his arms and legs.

This may take quite a lot of ink/fabric paint so make sure you’ve got plenty on hand!

DIY Mr Messy Costume - Step 2

DIY Mr Messy Costume - Step 3

Finally, leave the pink ink/paint to dry and then use black ink/paint to draw on two eyes and a mouth!

DIY Mr Messy Costume - Step 4

And that’s it! Was that the easiest World Book Day costume or what?

DIY Mr Messy Costume

Tag @partydelightsuk on Instagram if you have a go at making it yourself or check out our full range of World Book Day costumes if you’ve got a little more time to plan! 

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