DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

Looking for an easy mermaid party food idea? You’re in the right place!

Today we’re going to show you how to make these cute mermaid cupcakes – complete with free printable cake toppers that match everything we used to throw our iridescent mermaid party.

They’re super easy and take barely any time at all to make. Read on to find out what to do!

How to make mermaid cupcake toppers

What you need

  • Free printable mermaid tails
  • Iridescent cellophane gift wrap
  • Paper straws
  • Scissors
  • Pritt stick

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers - What You Need

What to do

Start by printing our free printable mermaid tails and before you start cutting anything out, cover each tail with glue.

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 1

Then cut out an A4 sized piece of iridescent cellophane gift wrap and stick it on top. Don’t worry if it’s not stuck on perfectly neat – a bit of texture is good!

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 2

Next, cut out each mermaid tail (as many as you need for all your cakes).

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 3

Put a line of glue down the back of the mermaid tail and stick it to a paper straw.

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 4

If it makes it easier, you can use a bit of cellotape at the this stage to hold the straw in place.

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 5

Cut the straw to size so that there’s only about an inch poking out from under the tail.

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 6

Last but not least, pop a mermaid cupcake topper in each cupcake!

DIY Mermaid Cupcake Toppers Step 7

And voilà!! Your mermaid cupcakes are finished! Check out our iridescent party supplies for dozens of cute party decorations to match.

Printable Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

And for even more inspiring party ideas and DIYs, stay on our blog!



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