DIY Harry Potter Costume for Halloween

Harry Potter Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you’re potty for Potter, you’ll LOVE our latest Halloween costume idea!

It’s an easy DIY Harry Potter costume that you can make yourself with clothing that you already¬†own and a couple of simple costume accessories.

Read on to find out what you need!

How to make an easy Harry Potter costume

Robe, white shirt & black trousers

The first step of making a Halloween costume that’s fit for Hogwarts is making sure you’ve got the essentials. Start with a pair of smart black trousers and a white shirt (you’ll probably have something suitable in your wardrobe already).

Then you’ll need a robe! If you fancy going down the real DIY route, we found a great DIY Hogwarts robe tutorial here but any of these Harry Potter robes would be perfect. And for grown-up Potterheads, we’ve got them in adult sizes too!

Harry Potter Robe


Now it’s time to add the costume accessories that will complete your transformation into the world’s most famous wizard! Start with a Griffindor tie like this one¬†that will make you look all set to board the Hogwarts Express!

Harry Potter Tie


You’ll also need a pair of round Harry Potter glasses – and don’t forget to draw a lightening bolt scar on your forehead!

Harry Potter Glasses


How are you supposed to do magic if you don’t have a wand? Make sure you’ve got a Harry Potter wand like this one that’s a replica of his phoenix wand!

Harry Potter Wand


Last but not least, you’ll need a broom! This is an optional part of your homemade Harry Potter costume but it’s perfect for any Potter wannabe!

Harry Potter Broomstick

Ready to start planning your own Halloween costume? Check out our full range of Harry Potter costumes and accessories or stay on our blog for even more Halloween costume ideas!