DIY Glitter Balloons

DIY Glitter Balloons

We LOVE easy party crafts and today we’ve been testing out our brand new balloon glitter!

It’s the perfect way to put a unique, personalised stamp on your party decorations and so, so easy! All you need is a glue pen and this specially made balloon glitter (you can’t use ordinary glitter because it’ll make your balloons sink).

Let’s take a look at some of the designs we tried out!

Hearts & scripted writing

This is one of our favourite designs! We mixed and matched different phrases in a lovely swirly script with glittery hearts.

This design would be perfect for a wedding or Valentine’s Day – just remember that balloon glitter only works on foil balloons.

Red & Pink Glitter Balloons

How you doin’?

How about a fun phrase like ‘how you doin’?’ The beauty of balloon glitter is that you can write whatever you want!

How You Doin Balloon


Or how about ‘yay’? We mixed and matched blue and white balloon glitter to create this cute design!

Yay Balloon

How to use balloon glitter

Before you get started, let us tell you that glitter can get messy! So make sure you’ve got a large table where you can work and lay some old sheets of newspaper down on your work space to make it easier to collect the excess glitter at the end.

Once you’ve set up your work space, lay your balloon flat on the table and draw on your design with a glue pen. It’s important to use a specially made glue pen as ordinary glue will be too heavy and make your balloon sink.

And here’s a top tip… Decorate your balloon before you inflate it as it’ll be much easier to draw on your design!

Using Balloon Glitter Step 1

Once you’ve drawn on your design, sprinkle glitter generously over the whole design. Then leave it for a minute or two and shake off the excess glitter!

Using Balloon Glitter Step 2

And voilà! Your glitter balloons are finished!

Magic & Sparkle Balloons

Ready to have a go at decorating your own balloons? Pick up balloon glitter in a variety of colours at or stay on our blog for even more inspiring party ideas!



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