DIY Gaming Party Favours

Gaming Party Favours

A gaming party is a super fun party theme for kids – decorate the house in the theme of their favourite game and invite their friends round to play!

And to give you a fun addition to your party, today we’re making life force party favours inspired by our TNT party supplies and will help your little gamers keep their energy levels up while they play.

Game on? Read on to find out how to put them together!

What you need

What to do

Start by download our free printables and cutting out as many as you need.

Gaming Party Favours Step 1

Then use some clear cellophane to make a small pouch and put a red chocolate heart inside. Fasten the sides of the pouch together with cellotape so that it’s not too visible.

Gaming Party Favours Step 2

Next, take one of our free printables and fold it in half. Then position it either side of the cellophane pouch and staple it in place.

Gaming Party Favours Step 3

And there you go – your gaming party favours are finished! Make as many as you need and give them out to your guests during the party.

Gaming Party Favours Step 4

Ready to start planning your gaming party? Take a look at our matching TNT party supplies or stay on our blog for more inspiration!



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