DIY Christmas Tree Tutorial

A few homemade Christmas decorations always make the festive season that extra bit more special. And today we’ve got a great little Christmas craft for you to get stuck into at home – DIY Christmas trees!

They’ll look great in your window, on your dinner table or at your Christmas party and if you store them away carefully, you can bring them out year after year. Just read on to find out how to make each one.

Glittery Christmas tree decoration

What you need:

  • Polystyrene cone (from your local craft shop)
  • PVA glue
  • Red, green and gold glitter
  • Red and yellow pipe cleaners

What to do: 

1. Cover the whole polystyrene cone in PVA glue.

2. Sprinkle it with green glitter and leave it to dry.

3. Curl up some red and yellow pipe cleaners and stick them onto the tree to make the baubles. Leave to dry.

4. Cover each bauble in PVA glue and sprinkle with red or gold glitter. Leave to dry again.

5. Display on your windowsill, mantelpiece or dinner table!

Felt Christmas tree decoration

What you need:

  • Polystyrene cone (from your local craft shop)
  • Light and dark green felt
  • Pipe cleaners in a variety of colours
  • Scissors and PVA glue
  • Pins

What to do:

1. Cut lots of semi-circles of equal size out of your light and dark green felt.

2. Starting at the bottom, pin your semi-circles into the polystyrene cone. Alternate between light and dark green with each layer overlapping slightly.

3. Curl up different coloured pipe cleaners and stick them on with PVA glue to make the baubles.

4. Display on your windowsill, mantelpiece, dinner table or at your Christmas party!

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